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MATRIX Audio Released 2 New Headphone Amp – HPA-3U & HPA-3B

Matrix Audio has just released their 2 new family members in M-Stage series- HPA-3U & HPA-3B. Both of their have delighted new functions and aiming for different needs of audiophile.


M-Stage HPA-3U

matrix-hpa-3umatrix-hpa-3u_02This HPA-3U is an revolution from the  previous version HPA-2 USB but now is more delighted with XMOS U-series chipset which mean it can support DSD playback up to DSD64. And moreover, it come to more admire that now it can support most Android device as well as iOS device, which mean you can play your music on your smartphone via this headphone amp.

M-Stage HPA-3B

matrix-hpa-3b matrix-hpa-3b_02

The 2nd new member is the HPA-3B, this is a fully balanced headphone amp which supported XLR input and single ended output. And I am sure it will not disappoint the Audiophile.

Yulong DA8 II DAC release in mid of May


Yulong Audio has scheduled to release SABRE DA8 II DAC Headphone Amp in mid of May. It is the 2nd generation of the signature product DA8.  It is now using the Crystek CCHD-950-25-100 Low phase noise clock and whole lot of sound improvement which make the sound more powerful and detailed as stated in the official website.





The retail price for Yulong SABRE DA8II is $1350 and available here