Is this Red Shure SE535 geniune?

I got this pair of Shure SE535 earphones few days ago from my friends. He stated this

earphones are parallel imported from Shure.

I have google thur Head-Fi forum and webpages and some stating that the fake Shure earphones does exist. From the outlook of these earphones on hand, the furnishing is very fine except the word “SE” were not painted like other SE535.
Besides, there isn’t any accessories nor earphones cable come with these earphones.

Sound Test


Now come to the most important sound quality. To be honest, I’ve never listen to another Shure SE535 before, so I cannot tell the actually different with another pair SE535. I use the upgrade earphones cable for Shure since there isn’t one come along. The sound from this Shure was as impreesive compare to the official selling price. The bass was not even good as the HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2. The mids and highs is still okay but with no surprise.
To conclude, I am doubtfully think this “Shure SE535” is real though the price for this pair is around US$240 without any packaging and accessories. From the outlook furnishing and the quality of sound it provided, it has a large different to the SE535 purchased officially.

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