MATRIX Mini-i Pro 24bit 384kHz DSD DAC Headphone Amp

New update: MATRIX just released the new body color, Black Pearl, a fully black body color. Personally, I think it is very cool look!! And MATRIX will not produce the Silver color body anymore after this entire black body released.

25/07/2014 Update: Just confirm with MATRIX and they stated that the latest Mini-i and Mini-i Pro (HW v.3.2) are compatible with all Apple Remote. (As MATRIX found there are 2 kinds of coding for the Apple remote on the market.) Whileas, the older Mini-i/ Mini-i Pro could only compatible with some Apple Remote as they are only support one coding before.


New Mini-i Pro – Black Pearl
New MATRIX Mini-i Pro 24bit 384kHz DSD DXD DAC Headphone Amp
New Mini-i Pro – Silver

MATRIX had just launched the new MATRIX Mini-i Pro before end of 2013. This is an upgraded version of Mini-i which support DSD DXD signal. Just like the old Mini-i, it was furnish with aluminum case and white OLED display. The new model now support high bitrate of 24bit / 384kHz signal as well as ASIO.

Available in Kidult Online and price only US$509.00 shipped.

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