Review: PSVANE WE274B Replica 1:1 Tube


Western Electric in the United States well-known brands, various types of wire which in the last century, four decades of production, tube amp, tube, etc., in the audio industry enjoyed supreme reputation, and now these antique hard to find, even if there is also a high price .

Production of PSVANE, Changsha Heng Yang Electronics Co., Ltd. is separated from Changsha Shuguang  factory inside out, have a good technical base, which for two years has successfully replicated a number of Western Electric‘s high-end products. PSVANE Western Electric WE274B rectifier in strict accordance with the design drawings WE274B Western Electric, Western Electric and raw materials used by the U.S. to achieve “original sounds”, audiophile in China got a great praise for this tube.

This WE274B has a very beautiful outlook, using 300B shell than ordinary tube, very eye-catching, large in size, so there’s more vacuum space  than other tubes, in terms of ensuring sound accounting the initiative; look at its work, very elegant precise, meticulous attention to detail, like tasting a craft, addictive.

Obviously my friend, Cunyu doing homework in advance, so I listened to him in turn, “electrician”, “RCA” and the only Western Electric WE274B engraved version, their performance to differ materially.

The “Electrician” 5U4G tube produce in 1957 from Nanjing , a class belonging inexpensive, good music taste, hearing voices and chamber music is good, but the dynamic aspects and the momentum somewhat lacking;

RCA‘s 5U4G only American antiques rectifier, enthusiasts yearning hearts “good control”, overall performance, but are “thick sound” type.

Finally, connect the PSVANE WE274B Replica, music taste better, more comprehensive performance, a better texture, especially in the large sound field, and it was clear and transparent, beautiful noble like the high-frequency excites me and surprise. This is not the other two tubes having,  so to speak, like the United States and its beauty like  Audrey Hepburn, a stunning, the atmosphere of beauty, noble beauty, but also perfectly highlights the Western Electric soft, moist, rich sound of temperament.

Audiophile recognized “Replacing tubes just like replacing the amplifier” Here was proof, K6 and enhance the sound quality of KSP is substantial, leap, according Cunyu brother speaking: it is more obvious than spending few hundred dollars on audio interconnects with this WE274B.

PSVANE WE274B is available in Kidult Online for $209.9 and matching service for free if purchase a pair in a time.

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