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Coming Soon! GUSTARD X-20 Dual ES9018 XMOS 32bit 384kHz DAC


Update: The new GUSTARD DAC-X20 has released on 25 Sep 2015 and ready to order. For more information, please click here .

The release of the GUSTARD DAC-X20 has been delay due to the supply of the metal casing. But it should release soon by end of July,Spetember,  2015.

The new GUSTARD X-20 has upgraded using 2 pieces of ESS Continue reading Coming Soon! GUSTARD X-20 Dual ES9018 XMOS 32bit 384kHz DAC

Yulong DA8 II DAC release in mid of May


Yulong Audio has scheduled to release SABRE DA8 II DAC Headphone Amp in mid of May. It is the 2nd generation of the signature product DA8.  It is now using the Crystek CCHD-950-25-100 Low phase noise clock and whole lot of sound improvement which make the sound more powerful and detailed as stated in the official website.





The retail price for Yulong SABRE DA8II is $1350 and available here

New Product: Gustard DAC-X12 ES9018 DOP 32bit 384kHz DSD DAC


Gustard is the first few developer using the ESS Technology ES9018 chipset in China. In 2012, Gustard has produce the well know DAC-X10 which had achieve good comments from audiophiles. And after 2 years, the new DAC-X12 was built based on DAC-X10 but had been restructured.



The new X12 is using ES9018 Sabre Reference 32bit , compile with XMOS 32bit/500MIPS high performance digital signal processing unit. The X12 is also have IIS digital input and Coaxial & AES/EBU input support DOP64.

Gustard DAC-X12 is available in Kidult Online, price: US$529.9

gustard-dac-x12_04 gustard-dac-x12_05