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DUGOOD HDAP-10 HiFi Digital Audio File Player w/Remote

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 Innovative design
Dugood has  launched a new HDAP digital audio file player, conform to the requirements of the computer age, and specifically for the player to play various formats of audio data files. Built-in high-capacity SATA hard drives, external U disk and SD card. Similar to the WINDOWS directory tree file management and search capabilities bring a very user-friendly convenience. A large-capacity hard disk can store more than one thousand CD music files, HDAP will eventually become your music storage room, HDAP machine with a high degree of consistent quality of high-quality sound, coupled with unparalleled convenience will make you more love music!
Support U disk, SD card, hard disk player, support hard disk partition.
Audio format support: wav (maximum support 24bit/192KHz) ape (Included cue), flac, mp3, wma, aac, alac, ogg,.
With USB-PC interface, the program can be directly copied to the internal hard drive.
The OSD supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English.
With coaxial digital output, stereo audio output.
 Built-in high-quality headphone amplifier, and adapt to of 32-300 ohms various headphones, headphone enthusiasts convenient listening.

Design Features
Real 24bit digital audio processing cores, up to 192K sampling.
Ultra-Low Jitter sound provides high quality guarantee.
Audio decoder chip used AK4396, the superior performance of the chip, many top device.
 The machine sound atmosphere athletic, natural and smooth.

 Front panel
1.A power switch.
2 headphones Block.
Infrared remote control receiver port, be careful not to block the order not to affect the remote control receiver.
4 display.
5.Functional operation buttons: up / on a; Down / next track; Left / return; to
  Right / press this button during playback, you can then press the up and down keys to adjust   the volume; in the middle key for the OK button.
6.USB jack for connecting U disk, mobile hard disk storage carrier.
7.SD card socket.

 Back panel
1 coaxial digital audio output for connecting external audio decoder.
Right (R) channel analog audio RCA output.
3 left (L) channel analog audio RCA outputs.
4. Connected to the computer USB port: used to copy and modify the program and the computer USB port
5 AC 100 ~ 250V power input socket.

 Remote control:
1.Mute button: no sound output and the open sound output.
2 player mode switching: full circle / song cycle / Shuffle / order of play / singles
3.Stop button: playback will stop playback press the button to return to the track directory.
The setup menu (click to enter the setup interface, click quit setting interface).
5 up / on a down / under a left / return, right, middle button is the OK button.
Fast forward, rewind button (click 2 multiple of 4 multiples, double, triple 8
   A multiple of 16 times) looked for.
7 volume control buttons.
8 on one, the next one.
9. Return key: to return to the previous menu or list operation.

Remote control Notes:
The remote control at the sensitive area on the player, the operating range of 30 degrees at a distance of 7 meters.
Do not to place obstacles between the remote and host remote control receiver window.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not drop the remote control from a height.
Do not place the remote in humid or hot areas.
Do not disassemble the remote control.
When not in use for long periods of time, remove the batteries
Technical Specifications
Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
Signal-to-noise ratio: 105dB
Dynamic Range: 110dB
Size: 215mm * 110mm * 310mm wide
Net weight: 5 kg
Package Included:
A dugood hdap-10
A power cord, USB cable, RCA audio cable
2 a manual
3.A Remote control

  • Model: DUGOOD-HDAP10
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5kg
  • Manufactured by: Dugood

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