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GUSTARD U12 Native 32bit 384kHz XMOS DAC 0.1ppm

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Gustard U12 is the latest product by Gustard and it is the upgrade version of the popular Gustard U10 (discontinued). The U12 not only provide the 0.1ppm and 32bit 384k output via XMOS, but now it is build in with LED display showing the output bitrate.

U12 uses the XMOS  professional audio field X-CORE 32BIT / 500MIPS digital signal processing unit, the inside has 8 cores, with powerful multi-core multi-thread processing capability, is being outstanding in industry and provided a USB Audio Class 2.0 digital audio solution.

Product Features:

• Use XMOS programs to support 32B 384khz asynchronous 2.0  (recommended ASIO output when using USB)

using an independent power supply. Built-in sealing ring cattle, multiple sets of multi-level regulation. About the importance of independent power, I believe we all know.

optimize the design of the audio clock circuit using 0.1PPM precision active crystal to provide a more perfect clock signal to digital audio. Provided for by the two crystals were 44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 / 352.8Khz and 48/96/192 / 384Khz series rate signal only after the selected clock rate selected work, work another one audio clock stop, put an end to the mutual interference may bring work simultaneously when the two clocks.

A total of four kinds of output: Coaxial (RCA), optical fiber, AES / EBU, IIS (HDMI port)

Coaxial fiber AES / EBU output formats IEC60958 and AES3-r2009 standard limits the maximum support 24Bit / 192kHz; IIS can transmit 32B 384K

smart switch, USB has a current interface to boot. Interface with the computer switch and switch machine (computer to be set off USB power failure), or unplug the USB cable directly to the shutdown.

  • Model: GUSTARD-U12
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4kg
  • Manufactured by: GUSTARD

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