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HA info DA1 24Bit 192kHz USB DAC Headphone Amp WM8805 WM8740

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Perfect Desktop Mini DAC.It integrated a sound card, a Class A Earphone AMP and a DAC. TENOR TE7022L usb reciever chip, supporting native 24bit 96K digital output capability.It is the best chioce for you to have......
Ÿ          USB-B: PC2001 USB-B (Plug and Play & Support ASIO)
Ÿ          Digital input : Coaxial in (16 - 24bit/ 44.1k - 192k )
                    Optical in (16 - 24bit/ 44.1k - 192k )
                      USB      (16 - 24bit/ 44.1k - 96k )
Ÿ          Digital output:Coaxial Out : (16 - 24bit/ 8k - 96k )
                    OPTICAL OUT : (16 - 24bit/ 8k - 96k )
                    For DTS output you must install U2 driver
Ÿ          TENOR TE7022L usb reciever chip, supporting native 24bit 96Khz  
Ÿ          WM8805+WM8740 DAC
Ÿ          Class A Headphone Amp
Ÿ          Opamp OP275  
Ÿ          ALPS Volume.
Ÿ          Sampling: 16Bit/24Bit 32K 44.1K 48k 96k 192k
Ÿ          Analog out : 2V RMS
Ÿ          Headphone : 5V RMS
Ÿ          DC input : DC18V
Ÿ          Support OS : Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7 and Mac
Ÿ          Size :180mm x 112mm x 48mm
Ÿ          LVP: AD OP275GS
Ÿ          Headphone Amplifier: Class A
Package Included:

HA INFO DA1 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier
Ÿ AC 100-240V Power Adapter
Ÿ USB Cable

  • Model: HAINFO-DA1
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2kg
  • Manufactured by: HA info/ Phiree

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