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Musiland MD30 DAC Headphone Amp 32bit 192kHz

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For Iphone, PC, notebook, MP3/MP4/MP5, CD / DVD, high-quality headphones, multimedia speakers, sound monitor, etc.
MD30 is an After five years, the revision of numerous products. From 2007 to begin research and development, would have been expected in late 2007 with the Long March II, MD10 with the music of the state as a third-generation decoder released. Excellence of the music of the state were given the weight of their hope, because there is no breakthrough technology, but has been dissatisfied with their final performance. Until 2009, music audio laboratory of the state to gradually master FPGA audio processing technology allows us to see the dawn of the birth of MD30. In 2009, preliminary plans will be part of all MD30 digital processing by the FPGA for timing and synthesis technology with DDS to reduce jitter. This was the whole world a thousand dollars or less similar products, are unprecedented. Followed the emergence of a new prototype, we shocked the Chinese people can do it so rich technical content of the audio decoder product! Let us surprise aside, we a little proud. We can not be satisfied with the technical achievements of our predecessors, we need to create new technology peak. Thus, in 2010, we gave MD30 into the new expectations: lower jitter, more accurate sound, more forward-looking technology! Therefore, we introduced a new asynchronous high-speed cache, and found that the accuracy of DDS clock synthesis, can not meet our needs. Re-revised! Search for more precise clock synthesis technology! Until December 2010, we found 1ps programmable clock, we feel that the launch of the MD30.
This, MD30 at prices much lower than 1000 dollars in the international mainstream, it can provide more than their excellent performance and functions, scientific and technological content is also far more than these products.
MD30 MUSILAND Audio Labs used the latest technology, high-performance field programmable gate array FPGA for the media, write the exact logic and algorithms, in addition to supporting 32Bit/192kHz play "Asynchronous USB2.0 High Speed ​​HD-Audio Interface" Asynchronous USB HD Interface quality is much higher than competitor products, 1ps high-precision programmable clock with large-capacity high-speed asynchronous trigger jitter buffer re-handling mechanism, but also to MD30 digital signal jitter much lower than competitors. At the same time, "Energy Headphone AMP. Level-III" headphone amplifier technology provides a comprehensive headphone drive capability than competitors. The "Colorful Sounds Audio Tech." Technology, the sound is so MD30 richer than the music of competing products.
1, fiber optic, RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial, AES digital audio interface, professional support to the 24Bit/192kHz. USB 2.0 high-speed, MULINK interface, support to 32Bit/192kHz.
2, the music of the USB2.0 high-speed asynchronous Bonthe some high-definition audio interface "Asynchronous USB2.0 High Speed ​​HD-Audio Interface", makes the USB audio player broke through the bottleneck of the previous sound. In addition to supporting 32Bit/192kHz outside the sampling rate, but also makes audio signal jitter is far lower than similar other products.
3, a new generation of high-definition digital audio interface "MULINK", with the traditional S / PDIF digital signal transmission compared to the jitter reduced to an unprecedented level, and supports a number of next-generation audio formats.
4,1 ps precision programmable clock, real-time track S / PDIF input signals, synthetic ultra-low-jitter digital clock.
5, the asynchronous pointer cache, intelligent tracking S / PDIF input signal quality, real-time clock frequency error correction.
6, asynchronous cache successive approximation "Asynchronous FIFOs Step by Step Receiver" S / PDIF receiver algorithm, asynchronous serial high-speed dynamic buffer audio coding algorithm "Asynchronous Dynamic FIFOs Serial Audio Frame Encode", high-definition audio for 24Bit/192kHz born of the times . They help of XILINX's FPGA, and high-speed DSP core embedded 200Mhz achieved. To ensure the integrity of audio data, high-quality sexual and a lot of computation.
7, experienced by many enthusiasts, the real player to listen to instrumental music, and participate in tuned "Colorful Sounds Audio Tech." Tone control technology, to make the sound of music taste and authenticity to the balance of the maximum.
8, the latest generation of balanced analog filter amplifier circuit, and the interface through the XLR output to provide the most high-fidelity analog audio signals.
9, "Energy Headphone AMP. Level-III" headphone amplifier, you can drive 300 ohm headphones good, do not have to be configured independently of the headphone amplifier. 2 headphone output of different impedance matching of different headphones.
10, the latest technology, "μ-Noise Precision Power" of trace noise, precision power, in addition to the voltage to meet the needs of enthusiasts worldwide, will also provide a stable machine, clean power supply. ESD EMI interference and even the impact of the elimination of a clean, even in the city or around the high volatility serious industrial plant electrical interference, but also stable, reliable work, without sacrificing performance.
11, E-DNA smart encryption technology. Each MD30 have a unique ID, this ID can not be copied, modified, with the RSA 1024-bit hardware encryption to ensure the quality of each machine are all original, and can not be fake and the cottage.
12, intelligent control, LCD display, full electronic control, and firmware upgrades via USB in order to improve performance or add additional features.
● Specifications
1, digital input:
USB2.0 High Speed ​​Interface: 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit sampling depth, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz sampling.
Coaxial RCA, BNC coaxial, fiber optic, AES: 16Bit, 24Bit sampling depth, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz sampling. Support MMDI instruction.
MULINK high-definition digital interface: 16Bit, 24Bit, 32Bit sampling depth, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz sampling. Support MMDI instruction.
Clock jitter (44.1kHz): S / PDIF less than 30PS, USB, MULINK less than 20PS
2, line output
Dynamic range: greater than 120dB
SNR (A weighted): greater than 120dB
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.0005%
Frequency Response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): +-0.2dB
Max Level: RCA Line 2V rms; XLR line 6V rms
Output Impedance: 10KΩ
3, the headphone output
Max Level: 4V rms
Impedance: 10Ω
Power: 260mW/RL = 300Ω
4, other

AC power input Specifications: 90V-265V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <20W
Color: Black
Case Material: iron case, aluminum wire drawing process panel
Dimensions (cabinet): 275x252x50 (mm)
Weight: about 2.2kg
5, the interface
A 5-pin round mouth MULINK input interface
1 XLR balanced AES digital input interface
A side port optical input interface
An RCA coaxial input interface
A BNC coaxial input interface
A B-type USB input interface
1 group RCA line outputs
Group 1 XLR balanced analog outputs
A 6.25mm headphone output interface
6, the main characteristics
Balanced digital input interface
Balanced analog outputs
Support S / PDIF input format: PCM
Up to the digital input formats: 32Bit/192KHz
LCD screen, brightness, contrast adjustable backlight color R, G, B independently adjustable
Line, headphone volume independent regulator
High-end discrete headphone amplifier
Manually select the input
USB2.0 high-speed computer interface, driver support: Windows XP / Server 2003 / VISTA / 7, support for ASIO 2.0
7 Package Included:
Power cord: 3C in the regulation, CE of the EU regulation 1
MULINK round port connector: 1
USB cable: 1
Quick Installation Guide: 1
Warranty Card: 1
Driver CD: 1

  • Model: MUSILAND-MD30
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  • Manufactured by: Musiland

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