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Musiland SVDAC05 DAC Digital Stereo Audio Decoder 24bit 192kHz

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SVDAC05 is music of the state for computer multimedia applications and high-fidelity music appreciation users to launch the 3rd generation of high-performance stereo audio decoder products, with a number a number of excellent features:

1, the electronic control interface

SVDAC05 uses advanced microcomputer control technology, to provide users with a user-friendly interface, push-button operation and digital display interface, real-time display the input signal sampling frequency and the current output volume, can easily select the input mode, adjust the output volume, all users settings can be saved automatically.

2, high-quality high specification features

CIRRUS top with a digital / analog converter chip CS4398, its up to 120dB signal to noise ratio and dynamic range parameters, providing a high decoding performance; and supports up 24bit/192KHz perfect high specification decoding.

Analog output using lezhibang original balanced analog filter circuit, the availability of high-fidelity output characteristics, it is also a good musical.

Built-in high-performance headphone amplifier circuit that can promote all kinds of good low impedance, high sensitivity headphones.

EMI interference cancellation and ESD protection circuitry, symmetric linear regulators provide high stable analog circuitry, eliminating the relay switch machine noise and many other useful technology to ensure product performance.

3, a variety of input and output interfaces

SVDAC05 with optical, RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial input interface, can be more flexible connecting digital audio equipment.

Specially designed USB input interface, can be connected to the computer system as a standalone USB sound devices.

Analog output with RCA line, 3.5mm headphone output interface, convenient direct connection amplifier and headphone system.

4, small size characteristics

SVDAC05 only 32 open book size, compact and easy to place in the PC environment.

Technical parameters
Analog output,
Dynamic range: 120 db
Signal-to-noise ratio (A) : 120 db
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0005%
Frequency response (20 hz to 20 KHZ) : + 0.5 dB
Output level: 3 v RMS
Output impedance: 10 k Ω
Headphone output power: 500 mw/RL = 100 Ω; 200 mw/RL = 32 Ω
, other
The ac power input specification: 220 v (another 120, 120 v is optional), 50/60 hz
Power: 15 w or less
Product color: black
Chassis material: iron box, acrylic panel
Overall dimensions (chassis) : 210 x160x50 (mm)
Weight: 1.5 kg

A square opening fiber input interface
A RCA coaxial input interface
A BNC coaxial input interface
1 B type USB input interface
1 set of RCA output interface circuit
A 3.5 mm headphone output interface
Low key features
Stereo analog output
Support S/PDIF input format: PCM
Highest support digital input formats: 24 bit / 192 KHZ (USB: 16 bit / 48 KHZ)
Digital display interface
Electronic volume control
The input manually
USB 2.0 transfer protocol
USB input, the system at a variety of driver: Windows Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / VISTA /32/64 - Win7, Apple Computer. Mac OS 9.1 or later, Linux (kernel9 or later); 
Low product accessories
The power cord: 1 the
Fiber optic line: 1 the
USB cable: 1 the
Operation manual: 1
Warranty card: 1


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  • Manufactured by: Musiland

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