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SMSL SD-398 DAC Headphone Amp CS4398-CZZ DIR9001 TE7022L

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SD-398 has passed the reliability test. Constant temperature and humidity test (temperature :0-45 ° C; Humidity: 80%;: 4H).

The SD-398 has passed the safety test. High-pressure AC2500V/5ma/60S test displays no flashover, breakdown phenomenon.

SD-398 chipset: CS4398-CZZ, DIR9001 TE7022L, the OPA2604, JRC5532DD.

Shell of SD-398 uses aluminum materials, CNC high-precision machining, drawing oxidation processing, custom solid aluminum knob (anti-skid design).

The SD-398 is built-in MCU control, switching machine mute. Input and output power and memory (to restart the machine no longer need to select the input). Multi-function input. Full-function LED displays.

The single bond of input and output of SD-398 control and beautify the appearance, while also simplifying the operation, making the use more convenient and easy to understand; built-in ultra-low-voltage headphone output protection circuit, circuit failure or sound excessively amp circuit output DC voltage reaches0.7V when the (usually start voltage amp protection need to 1.2V, the vast majority of amps no protection), headset protection circuit starts to disconnect the amp output to protect the headphones.

PC-USB / fiber / coaxial input of SD-398 all support 24bit/96khz, and general machine USB input only support 16bit/48khz.

Accessories of SD-398 are designed in particular to play performance in the greatest degree.


Technical Indicators

● standard input interface analog stereo / coaxial / optical / USB (loop switch)

● Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96 KHZ/16/24BIT

● SNR:> 115db

● Dynamic Range: 105db

● Distortion: 1KHZ% 0.0006

● Rated output: 1.8VPP

● Frequency response :20-20KHz (-0.2 dB)

● Total power <10W

● Headphone output power: 300R/200mw

● headphone output distortion: 1KHZ% 0.036

● Machine size: 144 * 216 * 45mm

● Weight: 1.5Kg (actual transport weight outside of the packaging structure date)

● Configuration: SD-398 host, a manual (in English), a USB cable (Akihabara), 6.5 switch to 3.5 adapter, power cord one.

● Voltage: 100-120ACV and 220-240ACV two versions

  • Model: SMSL-DAC-SD398
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5kg
  • Manufactured by: SMSL/ VMV

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