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SMSL SD-650 Hi End DAC Headphone Amp Coaxial Optical Toslink

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*SD-650 is SMSL Joint Euro and Japan Professional Amplifier/ DAC manufacturers developed High-End Audio products.

sound quality, appearance, quality, performance, all belong to top level.
*SD-650 Has passed professional-grade test.
Constant temperature and humidity test (temperature :0-45 ° C; Humidity: 80%; Time:4H).
*SD-650's power adapter has passed Japan PSE certification.

Main chipset:

Digital receiver chip: DIR9001
TI produced DIR9001 digital audio receiver chip. Very Low Jitter System Clock Output (50 ps Typically).
This chip is compatible to the highest 96KHZ sampling frequency of audio data signal, its interface is compatible with any type of delta - sigma digital / analog audio conversion devices.
Ultra-low jitter to making Dir9001 have very nice voice.
USB DAC chip: TE7022L
Decoder chip, SD-650 using the Galaxy Far East Corp. the latest TE7022L chip, which is the most high-end USB decoder chip, support 96kHZ/24BIT。imported and expensive.
USB mode to 24Bit frequency, the chip supports USB 2.0 Full Speed, and USB Audio Class 1.1 specifications, such as connected to the computer, you can plug and play functionality, so that simplifies software development time, there are more good sound quality performance.
D / A converter: CS4398
Far the world's one of the most high-end chip. Sample support 24bit/192K.
The CS4398 is a complete stereo 24/192 kHz Digital-to-analog (D / A) conversion system.
D / A system with digital de-emphasis, 0.5 dB step volume control, ATAPI channel mixing, selectable fast and slow digital interpolation filters, and one using mismatch stereotypes technology capacitance mismatch to eliminate distortion oversampling bit Delta-Sigma modulator. The system is also equipped with a multi-element switched capacitor low-pass filter with differential analog outputs.
Filter chip: OPA2604
OPA2604 is Burr Brown design for high performance audio systems。
with ultra-low harmonic distortion, low noise, high gain-bandwidth characteristics. The dual FET input OPA2604 provides a wider dynamic range and sound quality and bipolar op amp more Naiting compared. General application in the high-end professional audio equipment, PCM DAC system I / V conversion, spectrum analyzer, active filters, sensors, transducers, data acquisition system.

Technical indicators:

● standard input interface analog stereo / coaxial / optical / USB (loop switch)
● Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96 KHZ/16/24BIT
● SNR:> 115db
● Dynamic Range: 105db
● Distortion: 1KHZ% 0.0007
● Rated output: 1.8VPP
● Frequency response :20-20KHz (-0.2 dB)
● Total power <10W
● Headphone output power: 300R/200mw
● headphone output distortion: 1KHZ% 0.036
● Machine size: 115 * 158 * 38mm
● Weight: 1Kg (actual transport weight outside of the packaging structure date)
● Configuration: SD-650 host 1, and a manual (EN and CN)。USB cable。6.5 turn 3.5 adapter。Power adapter。
● Voltage: 100-240AC global Universal power


*SD-650 built-in MCU control switch machine mute。restart the DAC do not have to re-select the input。Multi-function input. Full-function LED display.
*SD-650 speed input and output control beautify the appearance, while also simplifying the operation, easier to use and easy to understand.
*SD-650 built-in headphone output switch circuit.
*SD-650 PC-USB / fiber / coaxial input, support all 24bit/96khz.

Package List:

SMSL SD-650 (Black/ Silver/ Gold) x1
Power Adapter 100V-240V x1
High quality USB Cable x1
6.5 to 3.5 Adapter x1

  • Model: SMSL-DAC-SD650
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
  • Manufactured by: SMSL/ VMV

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