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Topping D1 MK2 Portable USB Sound Card Decoder CS4398

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D1-MARK2 is Guangzhou TP Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. product launch multi-function USB decoder (USB external sound card), set USB decoder, USB amp, USB to function as a coaxial three.

D1-MARK2 with a CNC precision machining of ultra-portable fashion appearance, slim body with its use with desktop computers, it will not take up space on your desktop; when used in conjunction with the laptop is very easy to carry along.
D1-MARK2 internal use of good design, industry-leading chip and all kinds of sound fidelity HIFI devices, to provide value to your PC the perfect sound quality.
Although the D1-MARK2 is not the market's smallest USB decoder (USB sound card), but D1-MARK2 must be on the market the best sound quality, workmanship of the finest one of the USB decoder!
Blue & Green
You can D1-MARK2:
1, connected to an impedance of 16 ohms -300 headphones Europe, as is a USB amp to use with headphones to listen to music or playing computer games, get a better than average sound fidelity, low noise, close to the original results.
2, connected to another amplifier, amp, amp and other equipment, as is a pure USB decoder to use.
3, connected to another one coaxial decoder, as is a USB - coaxial converter to use, with more high-end decoder to obtain a more beautiful effect.
1, the internal structure using IIS decoder, USB interface, signal conversion, low-pass filter, and all done by an independent HIFI chip;
2, using the Texas Instruments TI's high-fidelity audio chip PCM2704 USB digital output, output a pure digital signal to the next level, greatly improving the signal to noise ratio and fidelity;
3, the top of Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC decoder chip solution of the analog signal;
4, the output circuit uses a high-fidelity OPA2134 op-amp;
5, all-aluminum chassis, precision machining using CNC machining centers, slender, very portable;
6, even in limited space, is still widely recognized high-quality devices enthusiasts to create the best quality and performance, such as: Germany's Siemens capacitors, Japan Panasonic capacitors, Japan ALPS potentiometer ... ....
Dimensions (including protrusions): width 58mm * Thickness 13.6mm * 89mm deep
Weight: about 80 grams
Interface Type: USB1.1
Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Sampling depth: 16bit
Distortion (Line out output): 0.0036%
Distortion (amp output): 0.01% @ 100mW/32Ω
Amp output power: 60mW @ 16Ω, 1% THD + N; 120mW @ 32Ω, 1% THD + N

  • Model: TOP-DAC-D1
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  • Manufactured by: Topping

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