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MUSE DT-50A TK2050 T-amp Amplifier 2x50W w. Remote Control

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TA2024, TA2020, TA2021, such as chips, like the United States belong to the same company's Class T Tripath digital amplifier chip. It is characterized by a very warm vocals, bass eloquent and clear positioning.

Digital control part of the New Japan Radio (NJR) production NJW1194V electronic volume control IC. The chip with high performance. Output noise voltage of only-117dBVtyp. (1.41μVrms), distortion rate was 0.0015% typ. (Vin = 2Vrms, VOL = 0dB), performance, availability perfect sound quality. The product also features dual power (± 4.5 ~ ± 7.5V) circuit design can reduce the reference potential caused by changes in sound quality deterioration, which can reproduce the high-grade sound quality. Excellent audio characteristics bring perfect sound: Low output noise voltage-117dBVtyp. (1.41μVrms), low distortion 0.0015% typ. (Vin = 2Vrms, VOL = 0dB)

MUSE DT-50A is of a two-channel analog inputs, built-in USB decoder, remote control function digital volume and class T digital amplifier.
All the design elements around fidelity, easy to use, stable, easy to upgrade.

  • modular structure, mills, more flexible upgrade
  • The New Japan Radio (NJR) production NJW1194V electronic volume control IC
  • Adopt TI company produces high-fidelity USB-DAC chip (PCM2704)
  • The NJRC dedicated headphone driver amplifier (NJM4556AD)
  • The high-performance TRIPATH Class T amplifier (TC2000 + TP2050)
  • tailored power, full copper toroidal transformer, power is greater, lower temperature rise
  • The Omron relay closed
  • whole machine adopts a 1% precision resistors and ELNA, NICHICON

    Chemical pitched, Panasonic electrolytic capacitors
  • Adopt -2 for high frequency magnetic, high-temperature copper wire, more stable

    control, protection and treatment used in all digital management
  • aluminum chassis, sophisticated technology, better heat dissipation
  • multiple independent power, separate ground loops, digital / analog isolated from each other
  • Digital Display Brightness 2 Adjust the operating time is highlighted, idle lowered automatically after 3 seconds
  • dual manual and remote control functions, easier to use 

The new bus control module before the class

1. A modular structure, the selection of high-end components, limit play device performance
2, using the New Japan Radio (NJR) production NJW1194V electronic volume control IC
3, dual power supply, to ensure sufficient dynamic range
4, bus control, to ensure the shortest path to the analog signal, measured over 110dB SNR module

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Remote Control 

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