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MUSE ORDO TA2020 PCM2704 TEA2025 USB T-amp Amplifier 2x15W

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This machine is mainly features of which are the American Texas instruments of TI USB chip PCM2704, this is a very good reputation in the fever of USB sound card chip, sound quality, can come from will kill all desktop and notebook motherboard integration sound card, after we redesigned the line, more has improved 2704 quality, enlarge the op-amp LPF of the OPA2134PA, ensure quality.
Put part of the IC use ear the TEA2025, this is a very good chip in the ears of the triangle, class put HA-20 is used in this a chip, a lot of fans, it won the praise of the sound warm, just to agree with 2020 gall taste. And we had made on the design of the power cut off into the earpiece methods, but manual switching power amplifier and ear to put, now stop frequent inserted headphones to disconnect speakers. This reflects the consistent MUSES people-oriented design concept to fully consider for the customer.

All components use special components, promise a fever audio capacitance use Siemens, RIFA, power filter capacitance in two of Japan's 2200 uf electrolysis, chemical total capacity of up to 4400 uf. Other electrolytic by the Japanese NICHICON ELNA and a hallmark of audio capacitance coupling capacitance is ERO Germany, Italy or the AV MKT capacitance. Signal switching is using Japan NAIS origin small signal special relays. Gold-plated speaker output and input a gilded city.
Three-color LED to indicate the machine working status,Red for the amplifier, Blue for the USB input,Green for the amp.

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14V Power Adapter

6.5 to 3.5mm HP Converter

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