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Musiland N99A Stero Amplifier 24bit 192kHz 60Wx2

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The N99A digital power amplifier, is world's first with the FPGA digital filtering, and PWM modulation digital mixing tubes containing audio information digital switching signal to drive the MOS H-bridge to drive the speaker pure digital amplification technology, can provide 2x60W of audio power output with N99S passive speakers and music the state with MULINK output digital sound card, get a good sound quality.
~all-digital audio amplifier, no A / D and D / A conversion process, dynamic and signal-to-noise ratio of up to 110dB sound.
~FPGA with the high-precision digital signal processor, to achieve accurate PWM modulation of the full digital domain.
~MULINK high-definition digital audio transmission interface, audio input and playback support 24Bit/192kHz sampling rate.
~Ultra-low impedance MOS H-bridge driver, 2 X 60W effective output audio power, distortion as low as 0.05%.
~ 2 independent RCA analog audio input, compatible with line level and a variety of portable audio device level.
~ perfect over-current, over-voltage, speaker short circuit protection.
~ MUSILAND Audio Labs latest scientific research, precision high-power power supply technology to provide plenty of power supply.
~ ultra-low standby power consumption, ultra-high energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
~ LCD display, full electronic control.
Full digital control of volume, input device selection, optional remote control.
~  compact aluminum alloy shell
Voltage Range: 90V to 250V AC voltage
power range: 2x60W
Material: aluminum case
Packing size: 160x55x200mm
Color: black body with silver panel
Key function:
 up to 110dB dynamic sound audio input and playback
support 24Bit/192kHz sampling rate and signal-to-noise ratio
2 independent RCA analog audio input
2 MULINK high-definition digital audio input interface
LCD, brightness, contrast adjustable.
Package Included:
warranty card: 1
User Manual: 1
power cord: 2
remote control: 1 (optional)

  • Model: MUSILAND-N99A
  • Shipping Weight: 3kg
  • Manufactured by: Musiland

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