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Topping TP-20 Mark2 MK2 TA2020 T-Amp

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This is a beautiful little amp that can be used on any set of loudspeakers.
Perfectly suitable for use with your desktop computer, DVD player or CD player or any other audio source. Very suitable for HIFI use with high efficancy loudspeakers, let this cheap amlifier supprise you, as it outperforms many amplifiers that are 20 times as expensive!
The Main difference in sound with the TA2024 is that the TA2020 has a much wider sound stage and a much improved bass response.
The housing of this little amp is made from aluminium with a nice and Thick front plate and a high quality powder coated and ribbed housing.  The connectors used are gold plated and of exellent quality, The volume knob has lighting on the back side instead of the one LED on the older model, this is much eazyer to the Eye.
Beeing a QC engineer myself, i really do like this little wonder,  exellent sound small size and nice and neat looks makes me really like it.
 There is also a 12 volts switching power supply for this amplifier, of 3 Amps power more than enough to power this amp, please have a look bellow the picture,This offer iswithout a powersupply.
all aluminum  case and all  wiredrawing craft, ring-like power light
Front plate is 8mm  thick, back plate is 2.5mm thick, using CNC processing craft
the input and output gold-plated are produced in Taiwan
the pcb is the sink-golden processing which is the most expensive.
Improvement of  new MK2 Topping TP20  Amplifier  as below:
A. A ‘Songle’ relay to cut off the speaker when turn-on & turn-off with switch,  silent and safe to your speakerabsolutely when power on.   
B. Double side gold coat PCB , pure copper 24K gold coat RCA  sockets with Teflon silver wire in high quality soldering  to I/O terminal.
C. We have improved the with film capacities and metal film resistors, EVOX, Dale also in use.  sound most near to valve amplifier
D. Fully Aluminum Alloy Case with nonmagnetic and low noise.
specifications of the IC :
T-Amp IC Tripath TA2020
Output Power 2 x 20W @ 4ohm, 2 x 12W @ 8ohm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 98dB
Dynamic Range 98dB
IHF-IM Distortion 0.1% @ 1W, 4ohm
THD Distortion
0.03% @ 9W, 4ohm
0.1% @ 10W 4ohm
0.1% @ 6W 8ohm
10% @ 23W 4ohm
10% @ 13W 8ohm
Power Efficiency 81% @ 20W, 4ohm, 88% @ 12W, 8ohm
Input Sensitivity 200mV
Audio input: RCA x 1
Power socket (5.5mm/2.1mm) x 1
Speaker OUT (Left) x 1 pair (+ / -)
Speaker OUT (Right) x 1 pair (+ / -)
Power Indicator (Blue LED) x 2
Power Supply input DC 12V~14V 3A-5A
(W)94mm x (H)42mm x (D)166mm
Weight 420g  (net),plus packaging box and material about 0.9kg.
Package List:
TP20 MK2 TA2020 Data Amplifier x1
Power Adapter x1

  • Model: TOP-TAMP-TP20
  • Shipping Weight: 0.45kg
  • Manufactured by: Topping

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