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Yulong SABRE A18 Pure Class A Headphone Amp

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The SABRE A18 is one of the Class A headphone amplifier that uses the discrete components. The machine uses the fully symmetrical differential amplifier .The input stage uses the K170/J74 JFET,the characteristics of the JFET is similar to the electron tube,as the input stage,it is easy to adjust the nourishing sense of hearing.

The SABRE A18 uses the common-source and common-base circuit Structure(Wallman circuit)  to carry out the amplification of the low distortion and wide frequency response.It uses the medium power audio paired tube MJE15030/31 as the output power tube, the output impedance is sufficiently low and the sound performance  is the best.
The SABRE A18 uses the precise VISHAY BC resistances with military specification,so it can ensure that the machine will keep the precise working state in high-performance condition.

The SABRE A18 uses the high-performance transformer with low magnetic flux leakage whose brand is PLITRON from Canada and the voltage-regulator tube TO3 with metal packaging as the power supply,it can ensure that the machine has enough high dynamic and SNR. The connector of NEUTRIK can ensure the transmission of the  reliable and high-quality signal.

The overheated and current-limiting protection circuit can ensure the safety of the use of the machine.

Using the balance/unbalance input interface,it is convience for you to match the other audio equipments,you can adjust the voice by switching the interface.(For example,the different interface of the SABRE D18 can represent two kinds of different style of the voice.)

For the high current Class A amplifier,the thermal design are also the emphasis.The thermal design identified with the shell design,actually the whole aluminium alloy shell whose thickness is up to 6mm is a large radiator, because of this,in the high current Class A working state,the size of the machine can be more smaller.The radiator of the voltage-regulator tube is produced by CNC milling,the heat can be spilled out from the convection hole in the shell immediately,so the inner circuit can keep the best working state.

With the help of high-precision instruments and years of experience of relative product research on headphone,Yulong Audio finished the design of circuit details of the SABRE A18. Perfect and high-performance circuit that uses the discret components, and the Manual paired transistor can keep the SABRE A18 with the noble temperament.

The sense of hearing of the SABRE A18 is based on the high-quality performance. Yulong Audio gives full play to the power of the tuning team to tune repeatedly. To get the best result, Yulong Audio adjusts the working state of each transistor precisely to fulfill the harshest audio Audiophiles.
The sound of the SABRE A18:rich and elegant,gentle and exquisite,the high-resolution expression of details,widely dynamic bursting sense of immediacy,it can fully play the music with different styles. The output impedance is low and the sense of music is rich,it can be matched with lots of the headphones.
Practical Performance:
●THD+N: 0.001%
●Frequency response:20-20KHz-0.1dB
●output power: 680ohm:95mw    300ohm:200mw  150R:400mw  32R:1.8W     
●Power Consumption: <30W.
●Dimensions: 250*180*55mm.
● Weight: 3Kg

  • Model: YULONG-SABRE-A18
  • Shipping Weight: 3kg
  • Manufactured by: Yulong

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