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ECCI PR100 MK2 HiFi Earphone Earbuds headphone

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Special quality and sense of listening performance, peaking you for entry-level headphones listening impression and experiences


1. A great double diaphragm, sound field is very large


PR100MKII unilateral is equipped with two independent voice diaphragm, to expand the sound field and the high frequency parts precision supplement.It has realized the open field and fine and high frequency,creating a very loose, comfortable private music space for you.
2. A great power and flexibility of low frequency

For excellent drive unit design, PR100MKII can show the stunning dynamic range and surging bass,and it doesn’t influence tone quality.

3. It does not only look good,but also sound better

Spectacular sound field; dynamic frequency; fine mellow high frequency; clean and transparent intermediate frequency, information content is more rich to get fantastic. Everyone should have a high-quality in-ear headphones, now everyone can enjoy.

  • Model: ECCI-PR100MK2
  • Shipping Weight: 0.15kg
  • Manufactured by: ECCI