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ASTROTEC AX-60 Hybird Triple Driver Earphones

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            -10mm Dynamic Driver to provide clean and detailed bass with quick response

Ÿ            -Top-end Customised dual-balanced armature from Knowles
Ÿ            -The AX60 is the first patented hybrid headphone developed and Made in China
Ÿ            -Months of research and tests plus modifications with the help of audiophile communities in  China
Ÿ            -Special crossover technology which minimizes spikes and allows great extension and sound stage
Ÿ            -Dynamic and well extended sound
Ÿ            -Top tier metal processing technology and framework inside the iem
Ÿ            -Specially tuned "Galaxy" cable which is soft yet tough, the cable is made of 5 different materials including a fine match of copper wires and shielding materials used in military/medical use such as Teflon, which efficiently provides good shielding and excellent sound quality.
Ÿ            -Changeable filter which allows users to tune themselves, or to DIY, adding materials to the filter.

Ÿ            -Users can choose between the provided filters, which aims to sound clean and balanced or with the lows emphasized.

Ÿ            Driver: 10mm Dynamic + Dual-Balanced Armature
Ÿ            Frequency response: 8 Hz - 28000 Hz
Ÿ            Sensitivity: 110 dB/1mw (S.P.Lat 1KHz)
Ÿ            Impedance: 12 OHM
Ÿ            Cable: 1.2m +/-0.3m Galaxy cable
Ÿ            Connector: 3.5mm gold plated connector

Ÿ            Max input: 10 mW
Package Included:
            Astrotec AX-60
Ÿ            Foam X 2 pairs
Ÿ            Grey flanges X 3 pairs
Ÿ            Triple flanges X 3 pairs
Ÿ            Ear Hooks X 1 pair
Ÿ            Metal case X 1
Ÿ            Carrying bag X 1
Ÿ            Filters X 2 pairs
Ÿ            Metal plate (filter holder) X 1

  • Model: ASTROTEC-AX60
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6kg
  • Manufactured by: ASTROTEC

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