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HiSoundAudio PAA-1 HiFi Grade Earphones

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PAA-1 applies the hi fi grade standard to develop. The sound quality of PAA-1 is full of enjoyment. The 3 frequencies are well balanced. The bass, mids and highs are presented just with the adequate scale. So, The bass will never cloud the mids and never bloody the highs. This makes the music very clear and clean. The mids are highlighted , which will make the vocal more near to the listener, this make the listener feel very intimate with the player. The sound has good surrounding feeling, which just like you are watching the live music playing. Plus the reality texture of strings and percussions performance, all these features make the PAA -1 are the excellent earphones with engaging and pleasure musicality.
Don’t doubt the low price contrast the wonderful sound quality. Maybe it is the best earphones you have ever listened. Please check to following introductions on how the audiophile grade earphones are made:
The introduction of the speaker drivers:
The driver is the key component with the earphone designed. We pay many attentions on it to ensure it have the ideal and flat frequency responsive. Normally the sound pressure difference between the left and right channel can allow 3 DB, most HiFi brand require the difference as 0.3-0.6DB, While , the PAA-1 carries on the serious standard of 0.2 DB difference ( tested before assembled, there are some difference of the finished products) . It is the most serious standard with the low price earphones. This also firmly ensures the PAA-1 can be definitely the best earphones below USD 100.
The introduction of the cable of PAA-1: Cable is the vital components of the earphone.
The Light cable is specially designed for the affordable earphones. The representative model is PAA-1.
1), The core cable:
It is different from some other low price earphones which apply the iron wire as the core. The Light cable applies the OFC which with the purity as 99.993%. Thus it makes the earphone has a good signal conduction capability and ensure the high quality of the sound.
2,) The sleeve of the cable:
In order to ensure the durability of the earphone, we apply the expensive TPE material to improve the strength of the stretched-proof and twisted-proof. The hardness of TPE is up to 72A, it is much higher than PVC in term of the anti-corrosion. The sleeve can be used at the low temperature environment without chapped.
3) The jack:

Usually, the low price earphones have lot of problems with the jack. We have specially designed the jack of the Light cable. We hand pick the high quality jack. The plated layer is thickness to ensure the tight connection. It is designed as with 5 levels anti-break buffer circle. By this way, the jack is very reliable.
Driver units                @16mm
Ÿ      Rated impedance             32Ω
Ÿ      Sensitivity                  105dB
Ÿ       Frequency                   20KHZ-21KHZ
Ÿ       Channel Balance              ≤120dB (at1KHz)
Ÿ       Plug size                    3.5mm
Ÿ      Cord length                  105cm(137.5cm)
Package Included:
Hisoundaudio PAA-1 earbuds Earphones
Ÿ        Shirt Clip
Ÿ        1 set of Eartips
Ÿ        Free Leather bag
Ÿ        Free 3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Stereo Audio Adapter

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