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Musiland Monitor 06 MX Sound Card

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Monitor 06 MX compared with the Monitor 03 US, performance increased by 30%, especially the purity of sound, sound detail and sound transient response, and high-power drive headphones distortion, has been a qualitative improvement. The function was raised by 200%, not only have the Monitor 03 US's full functionality, performance can also be transformed into a second global leader in high-definition audio player.
When used as a high-definition audio player, the same with the world's leading 32Bit/384kHz playback performance, and keep 2V RMS (5.656V VPP) output level 2x100mW headphones (300 ohms) drive capability. In 2V RMS line level, or 300 ohm headphones 2x60mW output power, Uses 4 AA NiMH rechargeable battery playing up to 10 hours; or digital outputs twenty hours.
Sound, audio player combined:
USB mode can be used as USB sound card, TF card reader to use. Audio player mode can be used as stand-alone audio player. Double-click the power button for one second to switch between the two modes.
A variety of specifications file playback:
Sound modes including DSD supports all audio file formats, including.
Audio player mode, supports WAVE, APE (Fast, Normal, High three coding level), FLAC (all coding level), MP3 (all coding level) common audio file formats, support for two sub-directories and CUE track information.
Multi SuperDSP100 dual-core processor:
Audio from the music of the state laboratory (MUSILAND Audio Labs) leading technology SuperDSP100 latest dual-core processor, integrated within an ARM processor core and a floating point audio DSP processor core. ARM processor is responsible for controlling the USB interface, SDIO interface control, file system management tasks such as processing. Floating point audio DSP processor is responsible for APE, FLAC, MP3 and other formats decoding, audio signal processing 32Bit/384kHz of, DSD audio stream processing. SuperDSP inherited MUSILAND Audio Labs USB Audio advantage in terms of sound quality, and continue to expand into the field of play, and to improve the accuracy of the signal to a higher level.
Separate digital output signal encoder:
Using the latest ultra-low power Lattice FPGA, as an independent S / PDIF digital output encoder and MULINK can not only lengthen playing time off alone, but also effectively reduce the large current signal digital output signals to other weak current board of interference between.
Monitor 06 MX Added support for DSD, and can be output to support the corresponding interface specifications and have MULINK decoders and speakers via MULINK 2.0 interface.
Four high-efficiency, high precision frequency DC-DC power supply:
High efficiency variable frequency power supply, reduce carbon emissions, and create green earth environment.
High accuracy and fast response power supply, provide good protection for excellent sound quality, especially for the reduction of sound transients and details provided plenty of energy.
Fever audio design + choice of materials science:
Analog circuits, digital circuits independent power supply from the power started, to prevent interference with each other, so that the sound pure, Naiting.
24 ultra-low ESR large capacity filter capacitors X7R material, so that the power clean, abundant, provide a guarantee for excellent sound detail.
High-quality analog audio circuits tantalum capacitor decoupling to reduce mutual interference between analog circuits.
Let integrally molded inductor high current power supply with fast transient response, provide a guarantee for large dynamic sound output.
High-fidelity sound quality:
High-fidelity digital processing and analog processing circuit with lossless firmware and drivers, let Monitor 06 MX sound quality both as sound or as an audio player, the analog output has high fidelity. Two modes are supported by the world's leading audio specifications 32Bit/384kHz play.
Closest to the sound of live performance characteristics:
Musiland audio lab for nearly 10 years to study music and the sense of hearing, scientific integration Monitor 06 MX school sound, whether it is the magnificent performance of symphonic music, overtone-rich piano, gentle little sexy female voice, deep vicissitudes big Boys ...... etc., can listen to the effect of the closest site.
144dB digital sound quality:
Coaxial, fiber optic, MULINK output reached 144dB of sound quality.
123dB audio DAC chip.
TI's PCM1798 audio DAC chip, can provide 123dB dynamic rate and signal to noise ratio and low distortion of 0.001%.
2V RMS line output capability, the ability to drive 600 ohm headphones:
2V RMS RCA line outputs with level monitor can be connected to a variety of speakers, amplifiers, powered speakers.
TI's TPA6120 fidelity headphone driver chip, in the abundant power supply, can directly drive 600 ohm headphones provide up to 120dB dynamic rate and signal to noise ratio and low distortion.
Up to 10 hours playback:
In the next section 4 2400maH NiMH battery, can play more than 10 hours (test condition: use BPI 2400maH low discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries, drive 300 ohm HD580 headphones, 25% of the WAVE files, MP3 files of 25% and 25% the APE files, 25% of the FLAC files). Digital output, you can play 20 hours.
Intelligent power management:
Intelligent judgment USB port power supply, regulate the charging current size. While you can use while charging, and intelligent distribution of the charging current and the supply current player. When there is no music playing, automatically enters a low-power state high current charging.
Intelligent discrimination USB status, battery status, and are automatically charged based on USB status, battery status, low-battery alert, automatic shutdown operations.
Rechargeable NiMH batteries intelligent and efficient:
According to the internal resistance of the battery power and size, at 40mA - 1000mA smart regulation between the charging current.
When there is no music playing, about 10 hours (charging time and battery internal resistance related) can be filled 4 2400maH NiMH rechargeable battery (with BPI 2400maH low discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries for testing standard), automatic shutdown after the battery is full.
Music playback, the battery is full, automatic trickle charge the battery to maintain power loss under its own internal resistance.
Multi-function button, smart display:
Intelligent Display with multi-function button to complete the play, volume, power detection, sampling rate detection, regulation MU-BASS, loop playback and many other functions.
Windows8.1 driver support:
USB soundcard mode support for mainstream Windows operating systems, including the latest Windows8.1.
Exclusive ASIO 2.0 driver:
Monitor 06 MX supports ASIO low latency audio digital interface, and have exclusive native ASIO 2.0 driver, you can bypass the system mixer to provide a more pure, fidelity audio output.
Technical Specification:
-Analog output
Dynamic range (D / A): 120dB
Signal to noise ratio (D / A): 120dB
Total harmonic distortion (D / A): 0.003%
Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): +-0.1dB
Line Output Level : 2V rms
Line Output impedance : 10KΩ
Headphone output power : 2x100mW/RL = 300Ω
-Digital Output
Dynamic range : 140dB
SNR (A -weighted ): 140dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0001%
Frequency response (20Hz ~ 20KHz): +-0dB
- Other
Input Interface : USB2.0 or USB3.0, voltage greater than 4.5V, current greater than 500mA
Power consumption : ≤ 2.5W
Color: Black
Body Material: Aluminum
Dimensions ( housing ): 125x71x25 (mm)
Weight: 210g

One pair of RCA line output interface ( stereo )
A 3.5mm headphone output interface
A 6.25mm headphone output interface
A 12mm MULINK output interface
An RCA and round mouth optical S / PDIF digital output combo interface
A B -type USB input interface

-Key Features
Stereo analog output
USB2.0 high speed transmission
USB3.0 Power Supply
32bit/384kHz analog output
32bit/384kHz digital output
Player mode supports TF card file playback
Supports FLAC, APE, MP3, WAVE file format
Digital output PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS format
Support ASIO
Support MUSILAND MMDI Interface
Manually set the output sample rate
Headphone , line-out control panel manually switch
NiMH rechargeable and intelligent power management
Driver support 32/64Bit Windows XP/VISTA/7 system ;

USB3.0 data lines : 1
Warranty Card: 1

Quick Guide : 1


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