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AUNE S2 Panda MK2 Class A Headphone Amplifier

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The second generation of the S2 has some advantages than the first generation of products :

1) Upgrade split power supply design, the whole power section and the main amplifier section are completely out ,and the signal-to-noise ratio is more useful

2) main transformer core upgraded to A-level the 0.23MM silicon senior audio special transformer, the price of it is the twice of the R-type transformers

3) increased all the way to the source selection, single-chip control delay start and perfect headphone protection circuit

4) mass-produced in strict accordance with the teaching acoustic components


The S2 target headphones and sound described

S2 outstanding with the goal of headphones: the Sennheiser HD600.HD650. Philips SHP9000 AKG K701 k601 k501

S2 sound is described as: S1 is a outstanding performance in the three-terminal high-quality headphones, the overall three-terminal balance, with the CPI characteristics separation circuit so the whole sense of low volume and intensity of the full, warm mellow IF, S2 has special advantage at high frequencies ,the entire high-frequency structured, rigorous, and at the same time in the extremely high frequency did not split, the details of the sound, a stretch and bright high-frequency control good! Comprehensive cost-amp models sound performance!


Core technology features

1) Group A amplifier circuit, with two driven the final stage than traditional amplifier quiescent current of three times (remember that than yo), which is the important foundation of the excellent performance of the sound of the amp and amp

2) field on the tube as the input stage, so that the machine has a high input impedance and excellent high frequency performance.

3) Core potentiometer Japan ALPS high level of 27 potential, clear positioning and left-right balance

4) the use of up to 1% precision resistors and Japan Murata high-level capacitance production, to teach sound using Panasonic FC and German WIMA debugging! Output of the tube using ON MJ15000 Series

5) the two regulator + RC hybrid power supply circuit, so that the sound super pure

6) 6MM of thick aluminum chassis structure, the S2 has excellent shape

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Performance Specifications

1, Product full name: S2 Headphone AMP Panda amp

2, Color: Silver

3, Weight: 4kg

4, size: 160 * 160 * 48 (mm)

5, materials and special process

  • aluminum wire drawing process

  • The machine adopts aluminum plus 6MM aluminum plate structures

  • aluminum metal button

  • S2 power with aluminum casing

6, functions

  • Two-way audio input, high-quality headphone amplifier

7, power equipment

   • split linear power

   • The core transformer 0.23MM silicon Class A

   • five core external power connector, and have the power upgrade

8, characteristics

   • Two-way audio input selection

   • microcontroller core control

   • Fully discrete CPI amplifier circuit

9 Accessories

• 2 Headphone AMP Panda amp a

• Dedicated aluminum power a

• Dedicated link line a

• manual one

10, parameter table

  • Input: Two RCA inputs

  • Output: 6.5-inch headphone output hole

  • Frequency Response :0-100KHz ± 0.5db

  • amp maximum peak output: 20V (corresponding to the power of the corresponding headphone impedance calculation)

  • impedance :32-600 Europe

  • Model: AUNE-AMP-S2
  • Shipping Weight: 4kg
  • Manufactured by: AUNE