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SMSL sApIII High Impedance Pro Tube Headphone Amp BB-IOA2604

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SMSL has always been committed to cost-effective high-end audio equipment.In order to meet the needs of the majority of audiophiles and music lovers now launched a new It is specifically for the common headphone amplifier is difficult to drive headphones。

High-impedance headphones impedance 62-600Ω general, this type of headphone is more difficult to push the sensitivity is relatively low, many high-end headphone lovers of high-quality headphones fall into this category.
sApIII Recommended to use headphones:

1:Audio amplification--Use Texas Instruments' high-end op amp chip BB-OPA2604,And use TOSHIBA audio expansion flow tube A1358/C3421 amplification to drive headphone。
The whole selection of following brands imported quality components:
WIMA, NICHICON, ELCON, TI-BB, VISHAY, TOSHIBA, PHILIPS, and crafted with quality craftsmanship, maintaining the characteristics of high-quality products.
2:The compact and sophisticated. small stature High power.
Pre and post class design. 2604 for pre-processing.
post class use TOSHIBA A1358/C3421 two pairs of two-channel high-current amplification, and strong drive. BB2604 audio professional-grade op amp is the recognized voice of many music lovers op amp one, high resolution, the sound is sweet and delicate sound style close to the high-level tube amp.
3:it has two sets of audio interface input, and can simultaneously enter the two groups of sources, using the front panel select for files switch to switch, convenient and practical
4:the switch machine installations in the relay control off the power supply, an effective solution to the pulse impact on the headphones and the human ear.
Gift Monster original gold-plated 6.3/3.5 Plug adapt to different specifications of the headphone plug.
5:Shell aluminum materials, CNC high-precision machining, wire drawing oxidation treatment. PCB double-sided gold PCB. Custom solid aluminum knob (anti-skid design), well-made and feel good!
6:  Japan PSE certification 24V power adapter(US PLUG)
        We also provide EURO conversion plug
-The standard output: 6.35mm headphone Block output
-Input Level: 400mv ~ 2V
-Machine Gain: 12dB
-Total Power: <8W
-Headphone Output Power: 1000mW
-headphone output distortion: 1KHZ% 0.036 following
-The machine size: 131mm x 74mm x30mm (including protruding partsstandard -input: 3.5mm/RCA stereo inputs (with switch)

  • Model: SMSL-AMP-sApIII
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  • Manufactured by: SMSL/ VMV

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