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Yulong Crystal Mini Headphone Amplifier Portable

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Crystal mini is a portable headphone amplifier which uses the Li-ion as the power supply,in the machine the voltage of Li-ion can be boosted up to high voltage.The portable devices usually use the lower voltage as the power supply and the power supply is either asymmetrical or single,the driving ability of the headphone amplifier is limited.The Crystal mini uses the high efficient switching power supply with lowest ripple to boost the voltage of the Li-ion up to +8V-8V to supply the circuit.The ADA4075 is used to amplify and the BUF634 is used as the buffer output.

With the circuit parameters that is designed and adjusted carefully,and the lithium battery that can reach up to 3000mAH,the Crystal mini can have the best sound performance, the powerful output power and good abilty of duration.

Warning: This machine must be used the original charger to charge, using the non-original charger to charge could cause an explosion!

●Standby time:60hours
●SNR: >-110Db.
●THD+N: 1KHz%0.002.
●Frequency response: 20-20KHz-0.1Db.
●Headphone’s out power: RMS:32R/320mw,150R/120mw,300R/65mw
●Weight: 200g.+ Packing:0.5Kg
●power DC4.2V

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  • Manufactured by: Yulong