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Copper Colour Penny V RCA Interconnect Audio Signal Cable

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Place of Origin: Material Origin USA, Finished in Taiwan

Conductor: 5N single crystal copper conductor

Insulation: Each conductor PE insulation using U.S. production
Accessories: gold-plated RCA connectors High

Shield: copper mesh shielding

Structure: the internal structure of spiral geometry

PENNY (Finney) signal line on price in such a selling price, really can be said little left out of. There are many old players experienced his collection of nearly million compared signal lines are given a pretty amazing post's comments.
Appliances Lok Lam 8T moderators in getting Finney unbalanced signal line, actually compared the "Columbia" balanced signal line and told me that in his equipment, the performance is not far off! To know the pricing of these two lines, but more than ten times the price difference! Instead of balance and equilibrium line gap is also heaven.

  • Model: CC-RCA-PENNY-V
  • Shipping Weight: 0.45kg
  • Manufactured by: Copper Colour

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