Saturday 23 October, 2021

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Qinpu A-6000 MK2 6N3 Tube Amplifier Integrated Headphone Amp


Do not be fooled by the 16.5 watts of this little hybred amplifier. Running 85db efficiency speakers it is seriously loud at only the 12 o clock setting so running large 90db floorstanders you would probably only be going to the 10 o clock position. The sound quality is amazing and not just for the price either. It`s a lovely weighty quality with good dynamics. Vocals are rich and clear, not lost in the background.
No female sibilence. Sound stage is large and wide if not quite as deep.
Strings, woodwind and vocals are highlighted nicely and all frequencies are nicely integrated making the amplifier sound very musical and " right ". A very non fatigueing sound that lures you into playing more and more.
Another bonus of this little beauty is that you can easily and quite cheaply or spend a little more and change the tubes over and obtain a slightly different sound character overall but it sounds so fabulous out of the box it`s not necessary. I have played this little amp during sessions then quickly swapped back to some highly reviewed integrateds and would say that the Qinpu sounds nicer in many ways by combining the tubes with the solid state. It is a fabulous buy and probably hard to beat even if spending £hundreds more. I would find it hard to imagine how even the most
choosy on sound quality would not be delighted
Date Added: 27/03/2014 by Adam Cornbill
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