Tuesday 25 January, 2022

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Qinpu A-3 6N3 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Amp


I purchased this amp after my previous FX Audio stopped working. I had been
pleased with the reproductive quality, and ease of use of this amp which I
had connected to a Bose Acoustimass - 3 Series III. This amp suited the
size of room that I used to listen to music in. I have a larger system set
up in the living room, a Shanling MC2000 driving Naim speakers. On
receiving and connecting the Qinpu A-3 amp to the Bose I became immediately
aware of how much more detail and warmth came through at the mid to lower
range volume. I've since had friends comment on this same quality. I highly
recommend this great little amp and appreciate that, when you power up, you
have to wait for the blue light to finishing blinking before being allowed
to appreciate a good sound through this mighty mini audio component.
Date Added: 06/11/2013 by Christopher Lawton
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