Tuesday 25 January, 2022

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Yulong U100 USB DAC Headphone Amp Sound Card


I bought the Yulong U100 to pair with some Sennheiser HD650's and also to run the RCA connections to my M-Audio AV30 Powered Desktop speakers and that sound is astonishing from both. I wouldn't hesitate to recommended this for anyone looking for a headphone DAC/AMP combo, it sounds like a DAC costing double the price.

The only thing I would mention is the shipped software/ASIO driver from Yulong didn't seem to work correctly for me, it kept causing a popping noise. I changed to ASIO4ALL and took away hardware buffering and it worked perfectly. I also searched for ages trying to find a way to use ASIO by default because not all applications allow you to select the ASIO output(Like spotify, etc) and I found VB Audio's "Virtual Cable and ASIO Bridge" which works perfectly. It acts as a virtual sound card in Windows so you can select it as a default sound device and that then uses the ASIO bridge to play the sounds. Works perfectly here with Spotify and the sound quality is a huge improvement again!
Date Added: 07/02/2014 by Simon Parker
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