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Yulong SABRE DA8 DSD 32bit 384kHz DAC Amplifier


I can see Yulong on da8 spent a lot of effort on design, first more generous with material, then slightly technical specifications, the most important is the Yulong DA8 have a more complete tuning, which are relatively rare.
You can see that da8 shape design is a lot of effort, the overall cleanliness able to give the impression that the plate is very thick.
Power button feel great, knobs slippery texture can also be worth mentioning that the quality is very good headphone port, insert a very tight .. (It should be noted that the headphone port must be inserted in the end, or both sides will flee together, circuit protection will not work, it's easy to put the amp module burn.)
Panel featured four buttons, but did not say more interesting input, select the input phase and there are two options, this option may be more sensitive to the old headphones, phase button can also be below Fitter several different button combinations are voice.
Fitter Button, which is filtered adjustment button, there are sharp and slow modes, sharp high-resolution mode gives the impression that the point will be the dynamic will be bigger, as it is slow is relative to the sharp taste will be a bit strong, sound sharpness have also been cut. Sharp curve more flat, there is some slow down .. like the kind of high-frequency mode is slow.
You will have to press the Jitter button to turn on the function, Da8 will reduce Jitter; closed after Jitter Eliminator, the input signal is straight. If there is a better source of sound, it is recommended to pull it off. When using PC, I recommend opening it, the sense of hearing to do so would be "mellow" little glitches will be a lot less.
Here I would like to elaborate on what jitter: Jitter actually turned the sound will be more cohesion after the close of the Council soft / lenient, but opened and closed after dithering sound are two different styles.
Press down the volume knob can be switched to pure dac mode, in amp mode, because the built-in Class A amp's sake, relatively large body heat, but heat can also be accepted; in pure dac mode, the heat is not large.
Should DA88 tuning up and down in a lot of effort, so compared to the previous machine YuLong, da8 gives the impression of flesh and blood, the sound field broad atmosphere, warm taste itself, I have heard D18, but I da8 feeling more than a layer of d18. d18 thin sound cool, but people feel more "stimulus". da8 is completely different, the sound never cold thin, but full round, three-band equalizer, but also to grasp the details good, does not belong to the sound restrained style.
Date Added: 24/07/2014 by Xavier Lambre
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