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YAQIN MC-13S EL34 6CA7 x4 10L Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier P


This is the first time that I buy a tube amplifier. I have been researching into different EL34, KT88 amplifiers and I finally decided to have a try on a budget tube amp Yaqin MC-13S. I ordered the tube amp on the website on Wed & it arrived on Friday. 2-day delivery, it is quite a speedy process.
Although it is a 40-lb package, the packaging is very solid. The solid foam in the package protects the tube amp very well. The vacuum tubes are packed inside the “hard-plastic water pipe” so to avoid them from damage.
The setup is also simple. The tubes are labeled V1, V2, V3, V4. You just need to plug them into the respective labeled tube base so that there is no error. So lots of thought have been put into the delivery and setup process. I was surprised by this from a budget China tube amp.
The look of the tube amp is cool and professional.
I couple the MC-13S amp to my floor stand speaker. Feeding them from CD player, Dac with Wav files.
After a few days trial, I would say that I am quite satisfied with this tube amp.
I feed it with Chinese and English song, piano music, jazz music. The output is quite musical. The sound is a bit on the bright side. Sometimes I need to adjust the volume control to mid-volume in order to have the mellow and warm tube feeling. Maybe I need to run-in the tubes for a while to get the best performance.
The Yaqin 6CA7-T tube is quite powerful. For jazz music, it can give out some good solid bass. Not as good as KT88 but better than EL34. I can understand why Yaqin modifies the 6CA7 to give a good mid-range as EL34 while giving extra punch as KT88.
The 6CA7 is quite hot, need some good ventilation.
I read from the web that Yaqin amp is quite reliability so hope mine can last long.
My overall satisfaction is 4.5 / 5. Hope to have better sound after the tubes are run-in.
Date Added: 06/11/2013 by cho Ki Ng