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GUSTARD x10 DSD ES9018 USB Asynchronous DAC


GUSTARD x10 looks much bigger than the picture, long, very long and heavy, very heavy. Work much better than expected, with a high-grade brushed design on the table is very beautiful there HIFI manufacturers design style. Black overall look very atmospheric. Pickles relatively simple configuration. Recommended USB cable sold separately Belkin USB cable to replace the original line, enhance definitely one ear, standard USB cable is really .... soft control ES9018 with balance, or XMOS solution early 2000 the price is really worth it.

To try their old boxes Swans x4, wire line than is currently the Speaker comes with integrated sound card upgrade their own evaluation of a large speaker cited the store with no sound from the sound is pure dye low dive deeper cohesion density is very powerful medium thickness good Girls dessert slightly better high frequency generally not so bright white teeth headphones dynamic momentum is good enough Impossible movie Dragon Fly Jet Li hit him feel the lateral width depth generally sound field as if lying on the display singer singing Oh this is my wife says she said Jacky stood on the display without dye Naiting fit the overall style of the popular symphonic overall very satisfied you can listen to music at ease!

By audition several headphones, find X10 resolve high clear, rich in detail, suitable match better quality headphones to listen to the extended highs; tri-band very balanced and smooth, with the same high-quality headphones to listen, listen feeling very natural, no towering injustice, every note Bach, slightly moist; overall neutral in a little warm, decoding capabilities already in place, not the cold with different characteristics can be a good sense of hearing amp should be able to show a different flavor, hierarchical positioning is good, compared to over thousands of decoding, considered a good price on the quality of the decoder.

With a week to talk about the songs come fully balanced system drive under. X10 makes my SPL2910 K701 parties face a notch. In fact, the key lies in the simple idea, USB interface is not as unbearable. Under coaxial sound absolutely worthy of the price of the DAC, the first time with XMOS chip DAC, the overall sense of hearing has been close to the traditional DAC moderately priced.

Overall X10 sense of hearing: the sound of the end of a clean, transparent, analytical high, with coaxial output, even if only to listen to the FLAC 24bits/44.1Khz can feel has greatly improved over the original, if on the 24bits/192Khz, effect is amazing. ES9018 worthy of the current top decoders, X10 is also worthy Chinese decoder.
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