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Yulong D200 32bit 384kHz DSD DAC

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Yulong D200 come in with fancy interface, higher targets, expanding good, if D200 in the system can occupy playmaker position. Courses can be accessed even after the computer usb, coaxial data even CD player; front court level before then, and after the class echoing; striker then powered speakers, headphones can be connected directly penthouse ...... do many short play multiple output code rate depends on how you like the D200 with essentially all currently wants to meet you

I am using macbook air and thinkpad win7, respectively, as the audio output. Tracks are Accardo seasons, Turkoglu Miou Mozart String Quintet, Gould big buns inside the Gothenburg Variation (1955 edition). Our focus today is "little preparation Violin Piano Quintet" are ordinary CD format 44.1 bitrate, mainly because I am also a Novice on PCHIFI, listen to the CD more familiar sense, and previous listening experience can make a comparison.

Machine: Yulong D200 DAC machine
Computer: macbook air and thinkpad 201
Software: foobar2000
USB cable: a treasure best-selling cheapest QED
Before and after class: QUAD 99 +909 ST
Speaker: ELAC BS244
Headset: DT880 (250 Ohmn)

From then Headphone DT880 (250 Ohmn) run (6.35), the first ear the whole is not particularly amazing, but still there are bright spots. Voice might sound more flat, straightforward. Direct Push sense of hearing than the motherboard improved significantly. Fortunately, sound knot like obvious, background clean, uniform frequency response of three sections, parsing is very good, very clear outline. You can see a higher quality. Obviously, this machine is not ready to listen to what the song's saliva, that, in time, should be pushing a kind of mold ~ ~
In the "Four Seasons", the performance of fresh and natural, enthusiastic, but the intensity is not harsh. Because it is small series, the control is not a problem most of the time, even when Unison, you can clearly distinguish each instrumental part. Basically expressed a different scene Accardo vitality and the changing seasons. The only drawback is the sense of line slightly more than a little, a little sensuality that might be better.
In the String Quintet, the overall size of the sound field naturally smaller circle, but more cohesion, each instrument positioning clear. There in the front row seated feelings, but the good news is not blowing pressure. However, the total amount of feeling a sense of high frequency a little too, if you can make a darker feel, the more advanced it is.
Gould's version of the 1955 is relatively bright Gothenburg, especially for headphone listening. As introspective monologue after another brief variations, as if telling this story for each listener. Everyone understood Gothenburg are different. DT880 I think it is suitable for this type of work headphones. Seemingly objective monologue, tend to be more attractive. D200 not too much interpretation, passing out the most authentic taste. Like this one!

Having turn on the D200 for the afternoon, I can not wait to go home at night, I connected speaker system. Due to a variety of before and CD player does not deal with, since the turntables into basically never touch the CD player. Today, aside combination CD player + D200 (coaxial still on the road), or just listen D200 + QUAD99 +909 ST + ELAC244 this new combination.
QUAD is a British HIFI old plant, 99 and 909 series is the backbone. ELAC generous earthy sound and rigorous and efficient complementary. I always thought the key to the system is a source, is the front end. Backend main duty is to express an objective, how to read the data front-end processing of data is the key, the style of the front of the system is a decisive and irreversible.
If the D200 voice in the headset may have reservations about aspects of the case, part of the speaker system can be said to give everything. I can say that compared to the original CD, in addition to some media sources incomparable advantages, whether it is quality or audible tone adjustment has improved. While this may enhance caught between an idea, however that feeling is also memorable.
Such a profound impact on the interpretation of Gould in 1955 in Gothenburg, in addition to the sense of hearing before the headset, I heard IF full up, full of emotion. There is a lively and distinctive feel. It has to be said that a more advanced school sound.
Accardo strength and momentum of the band has been significantly improved, the sound field is no longer a lateral flat, but tends to be three-dimensional. With the sound field distraction, the sense of space for each instrument revealed.
In short, D200 speaker system shows better next state. Of course, this is only relative and his predecessor Marantz sa7001 (because they do not involve SACD links for sa7001 slightly unfair). Or confirms my sentence: There are boxes do not listen to headphones :)

Here to talk about computers difference: When used macbook free VOX, but Apple D200-free driving, and VOX interface is very friendly and easy to use. But I do not know the reason or reasons for not SSD MAC system, the process of listening and sometimes there is always the case Caton, though, is the moment, but it is affecting the sense of hearing. In contrast thinkpad201 of foobar2000 on conscientious lot, at least to ensure that the basic fluency.
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