Saturday 23 October, 2021
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HiSoundAudio WOODUO 2 HW2 IEMs HiFi Grade Earphone


HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 has a very good sense of hearing, great musicality, his thick and full low-frequency, high-frequency side compared to other plug Echo is not so bright, like Sennheiser HD650 tuning, are not tired of listening to long kind, so in the interpretation of the guitar, violin and other aspects of performance is very strong. When listening to the Stockfisch Records "B & W VERY AUDIOPHILE NEW RECORDINGS" folk guitar, singer feeling sitting in front of you, magnetic voice, guitar overtones sounds allows you to completely revel in music, and even forget the existence of the headset. This is the sense of listening to good music and strong performance, or take the famous Chinese "Ferry" (渡口), the opening song of drums later, together with the release of a variety of instruments and vocals, both Tsai's (蔡琴) full mouth or violin the natural flow, or the tension radiance guitar, accompanied by a strong background steady drumbeat, different voices can always make you clearly distinguish the individual level, but can be the perfect fusion.
Date Added: 25/07/2014 by King Chan
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