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Musiland Moli PCI Sound Card 24bit 192kHz Toslink S/PDIF

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Musiland Moli sound card product is the customized product of PCI interface sound card for music lover used as high-quality music appreciator. Professional soundeffect chip of VIA Envy2 Series and FPGA chip of XILINX are adopted in the function of interface control and data processing and coordinated with high-performance D/A conversion chip of Ti company and high-performance operational amplifier. The product enjoys the feature of high-quality sound effect fidelity and high-speed audio processing.


1. Practically functional interface

Moli sound card is equipped with high-quality line output of RCA stereo and output interface of 3.5mm stereophone, using control panel for the switching of line and earphone out, which is convenient for user connecting with speaker system and earphone at the same time.


Suitable for being connected with earphone or earplug of low and middle impedance, earphone out of Moli sound card is driven by the special earphone play circuit with powerful driving force.


Moli sound card outputs purely stereo PCM encoded signal, Dolby Digital(AC-3)of multi-channel format and DTS digital signal by digital output interface of optical fibre. User can enjoy better music appreciating effect by connecting sound card with advanced external audio decoder, enjoy surround soundeffect as you-are-there in the movies by connecting sound card with AV system which has the function of decoding and transcord digital music by connecting MD equipment.


2Pin S/PDIF interface of Moli audio sound can be connected to S/PDIF inputting display card of HD to reach synchronously HDMI output of HD. It has the unique 10Pin digital expansion interface, connected to digital subcard (optional accessory) of Musiland to reach the function of optical fibre output and coaxial output.


2. High-quality audio property

Supporting soundeffect processing of 24Bit/192KHz format which is the highest-level format, Moli sound card has adopted D/A conversion chip of SNR and dynamic range of 113dB, so as to provide an effect of analog output with Hi-Fi timbre.


Precisely linearizing and voltage-stabilizing circuit, providing stable and less interfering power, makes analog circuit work at its best.


Musiland’s special BALA served with high-performance operational amplifier and capacitor provides the most melodious soundeffect.


Without SRC process and Mixer of system, cooperation of FPGA chip of XILINX and professional audio control chip of Envy24 of VIA has guaranteed fidelity of audio freqency’s playback by the greatest extent.


FPGA is used to provide precise clock and set up hugely asynchronous buffer which makes an accurate timing of audio frequency for an unprecedented precision of quality of audio frequency’s signal and the minimum UIPP.


Accurate S/PDIF emitter, integrated internally in FPGA, outputs S/PDIF signal and popular digital signals, such as PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.. S/PDIF emitter is drived by precision interval clock, so it outputs a very low signal jitter, which reaches the required precision on equipment testing by audio lab.


Moli sound card also supports ASIO and provides characteristic of ultra-low audio delay.


3. Flexible Software Support

Perfect support of ASIO and WDM and mainstream operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows7, can be offered by installment of drivers specially owned by Musiland.


Besides, due to constant optimization and regeneration of Musiland's drivers at later period, Moli sound card will reach a better audio performance.


Technical parameter


Analog output

Dynamic range (D/A):113Db

SNR (D/A):113dB


Frequency response (20Hz~20KHz):+-0.1dB

Output level:3V rms

Output impedance:10KΩ

Earphone RMS:100mW/RL=100Ω;200mW/RL=32Ω


Digital output

Dynamic range:140dB

SNR(A weighting):140dB


Frequency response (20Hz~20KHz):+-0dB



Computer Interface :PCI/32Bit

A pair of RCA line output interface (stereo)

One 3.5mm earphone output interface

One square-mouth optical fiber output interface 

One 2Pin S/PDIF output

One 10Pin S/PDIF digital expand interface


Major characteristic

24Bit/192KHz analog output

Support ASIO

Asynchronous buffer support exact digital audio timing sequence,lowest digital jitter

Output sample rate manual settings

Line / earphone output can switching over in the control panel

Drivers support Windows XP/2003/VISTA/7 system 32&64Bit


Package Included

Drivers CD   

Warranty card

Quick installation guide

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