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Qinpu A-6 6N3 Tube Integrated Amplifier Headphone Amp

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A-6 is the biggest QINPU mini amplifier in terms of size. In order to get enough power, it became bigger and bigger in the process of design. Its panzer-like weight and amor makes it unmatched reliability.
In addition to the usage of previous pre-tube design, which features QINPU mini amplifiers, A-6 adopts 3 pairs of Sanken 2SC3519/2SA1386 transistor pair. They are unique transistors with particularly warm tone color.
Amplifying circuit was designed as high-efficiency class AB amplfier due to the A6’s powerful heat elimilnation capability. It takes a lot of time to work it out to ensure the best sound quality as well as the most safe temperature.
Another feature that worth a mention is the earphone part of A-6 amplifier. The earphone amplifying circuit uses HIFI-level constant current source output design. This kind of design allows earphones of a board impedance range from 64-600Ωto work with it very well and get an excellent sound quality.
As to the card and flash disk decoder part, A6 also uses the best decorder chip AU7843 developed by Mountain View Company (MV) to produce the best sound. We also cooperate with MV to program the submenu and music pieces selection. Plus a digital fluorescent screen and multi-function remote control, A-6 is very handy and user-friendly.

Integrated amplifier with tube pre-amp as well as FM and card reader function.It reaches a state-of-the-art level when used as earphone amplifier.Sanken 2SC3519/2SA1386 paired transistors and other famous HI-FI components are adopted to perform a very impressive sound.Aluminum chassis served as heat sink.
Output Power: 2×28W(8ΩRMS 1KHz)
Peak Output Power: 2×38W(4 RMS 1KHz)
Frequency Response:  30Hz——20KHz(±0.5)
S/N Ratio: ≥≥71dB(bandwidth)
Crosstalk Attenuation: ≥≥35dB(1KHz)
Input Sensitivity: ≤460mV
Overloading Level: ≥20V
Input Impedance:  ≥15KΩ
Line output Impedance: 6.7KΩ (1KHz)
Earphone Output Power:2Χ13.5mW (64 RMS 1KHz)
                                          2Χ60mW  (600Ω RMS 1KHz)
Earphone Impedance: 2Χ64Ω---2Χ600Ω
Net Weight: 5KG/pcs
Gross weight: 6KG      
Power Supply: 220V(±10%) 50Hz

  • Model: QINPU-A6
  • Shipping Weight: 7kg
  • Manufactured by: Qinpu

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