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PSVANE EL34PH Vacuum Tubes Matched 4pcs EL34 Philip Iron

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The Reproducing Classic Power Amplifier EL34PH of the top vacuum tube brand PSVANE perfectly reproduces PHILIPS iron pedestal EL34of 50s.

As  the one of the most beautiful sound in pentode amps, EL34 was  introduces to the market at the very beginning by MULLARD (PHILIPS’ sub  company) in 1953. In the history of tube-producing industry, EL34 was  designed very well and given infinite dynamism and strength on its  pressure-resistant performance. Just like we always think of Western  Electric’s WE300B when refer to 300B, as to the top representative  products of EL34, it undoubtedly is the iron pedestal EL34 of PHILIPS  produced in 50s.

That product of PHILIPS has perfect Frequency response performance, proper sound density and wonderful music analytic ability. It definitely is the king of EL34!

PSVANE always takes classic amp-reproducing as its own task. We have already successfully reproduced Western Electric 300B, 275A, 212 and other good tubes in recent two years and won the high reputation in market. Now, PSVANE, as well as the research team in Europe, successfully developed the PSVANE EL34PH, which is completely reproduced from the iron pedestal EL34 from Dutch PHILIPS. The price of our products is only 15% but show you a full top HIFI sound effect as its model (A new pair PHILIPS iron pedestal EL34 which contains 4pcs sells 15,000 RMB in the market). Besides, PSVANE give EL34PH its unique music feeling which is absolutely worth your listening.


Caution: When installing or uninstalling the tubes, please do not rock them  forcefully in the socket – it will break the center guide pin and this  is NOT covered by warranty. Tubes should be pulled out of socket by  holding firmly on the socket base (not the glass!)  with very gentle  rocking. A broken guide pin will not affect how the tube operate in a  circuit as long as the tube is installed correctly. You can use a marker  to mark out where the guide was on the tube base so that you don’t  install the tubes into socket with wrong pin connection.

Package Included:

Matched PSVANE EL34PH Tube x4  


  • Model: PSVANE-EL34PH
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  • Manufactured by: PSVANE

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