Comparison between MATRIX New Mini-i, Mini-i Pro and Old Mini-i

MATRIX just release the new model of Mini-i Pro and Mini-i on March this year. And many ppl may wonder what is the exact different for the “old” Mini-i to the New Mini-i & Pro version. Here’s I have write a brief article trying to give more ideas for what differences is.

1. sound, timbre, and dynamic
Get the hands discovered a new version of shell work compared to the level of technology has been very nice old version is more refined.
Compared to the old good technology, the new technology is still significant progress to enhance the texture of metal treatment significantly improved aluminum thickened, each part tightly, especially digital potentiometer knob screwed up frame and progressive feel very comfortable.

Let’s look at the details it work:

New Mini-i Pro -Silver Body (Top) New Mini-i Pro – Black Body (Middle) New Mini-i – Black Body (Bottom)
Back panel of New Mini-i / Mini-i Pro(s), please noted that the Top and Middle one is Mini-i Pro but the latest version (Middle Black Body) no longer have the wording “DSD” on the USB port.  The middle one has miss out the DSD on the USB port and MATRIX mistakenly put the wrong back panel. The bottom one is New Mini-i.
Mini-i Pro
The furnishing of New MATRIX Mini-i Pro
Mini-i Pro
The back panel of the New Mini-i Pro
New Mini-i
The furnishing of New MATRIX Mini-i
New Mini-i
The back panel of the New Mini-i

In term of sound output, the old version of the mini i already have a very good quality, so is very difficult to raise, in the new version, USB chip upgrade from the old CMI directly to the XMOS asynchronous USB technology, and for ipad / iphone achieved support, USB technology advances to enhance the performance of analytical sound field, more than a hint of smooth, a little before the MATRIX QUATTRO decoder circuit that sets the tone that comes pre-orientation, I do not know what not to change the circuit, because the new version of the ordinary version of the AD1955 decoder chip does not change.
In listening to some of the more high-frequency components of the track, you can feel the old version to be sharp, a little bit fast, but the new version of the ordinary version becomes slightly silky a little bit, the difference is very small, small enough to be in the advanced monitor speakers the ability to detect, if I changed some of the low-end multimedia speakers, it sounds like the new version and the old version of the ordinary version nothing different.
Therefore, the new version of the sound level of the ordinary, and the old version is still very tough, has never blush this price tri-band density, the strength of the signal contrast wide, and that the apparent faint glimmer of silky, most users should be welcome.
Although, I do not belong to this most people, because I like straightforward style, so I would buy that Taiwan temper very large, explosive encounter poor record on the red Apogee Duet2.
But the new version out of the ordinary version of the change that a trace of silky, very minor changes, so I’m still in the acceptable range.
The top version, that sets DSD version pro, when playing DSD format tracks, apparently in sound density and tension fiercely across a width of not a small gap, especially when listening to the human voice, the kind of gap, can convert MP3 to APE degree compared.
And when you play normal CD format tracks, pro sound some progress in chiaroscuro, the strength of dynamic contrast, mainly reflected a sense of body contours and instrumental performance in fast signal. ESS9016/9018 chips are internal 8-channel decoding balanced, mature technology is the correct approach within each of the four channels in parallel to one channel, true to the dealer to verify the design, the use of 9016 in the decoder chip brand in less than 3000 yuan less, and a full 8-channel.
In my personal preference, I prefer the pro audio tones to teach, but if it is recommended to others, I should recommend regular edition, because of the advantages of pro is playing DSD files, but when you play normal CD format, the sound quality difference compared small, and in the tone, I think people like the pro rational voices will account for 40 percent, while the likes of partial rational and emotional tone with a little common version of the new version will account for 60%. However, if the back-end equipment standards under better circumstances, PRO will reflect the more obvious advantages.
Finally, I think, in the sound level, the new pro version of the play DSD files clearly highest, and when you play regular CD format files, the old version of the old USB technology or a drag, analysis, sound field is slightly inferior to the new Limited Edition and PRO version.
So, I think, to remove minor differences decoder tone and timbre on personal preferences, in two sets in the new version, you buy pro version or buy an ordinary version, you can see the file on your hard drive in the DSD more than enough.

2) the sound field positioning
Old versions of mini i pay more attention to real reduction in the sound field positioning has made me not much to find fault with the place, the new version of the same is true, even in the mix thirteen thousand eight hundred yuan of the top 5-inch active monitor speakers when Neumann KH120 play various tracks, the new mini i can not find how I can make the same shortcomings.
Just positioning, they may be the performance of recently I came across my desk closest professional decoder audio interface Apogee Duet2 up.

3) the overall balance
Although the general tone version in more than a hint of smooth, but the overall balance is still always Yimapingchuan will never sound like a small number, as you push out the intermediate length.
The pro version of the balance than the ordinary version although the gap is not big, but it does a little more stable.

4) the system noise floor
Second, the price of the decoder thousand never an annoying background noise will be a problem, all degree a few inaudible.
So that the user does not have any regard to worry.

5) the use of suggestion
In the same price with a high degree of completion of the product, use it everywhere.
The new version adds a screen to display information, the old models can only display the input source and volume, and can not be individually controlled ports and line output amp switching, increasing the sampling rate of the new display, ports and line output amp volume control, respectively, and amp and line ports can be independently switches are in the menu, so that only a single function that users can enjoy a more pure sound.

6) shopping guide recommends
The same price in sound quality, workmanship are impeccable, highly recommended.
PRO version has better resolution, and comes standard with an all-metal remote control.
The new decoder actually increased the unusual environmental features: automatic standby when there is no input signal, it will automatically enter power-saving standby mode, praise!

7) Disadvantages (seven) uncertain, my personal subjective views of a relatively strong
Temporarily not found

8) the shortcomings identified
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9) the shortcomings of fuzzy
Temporarily not found

10) Summary
Whether it is an ordinary version or top version, will not lose any quality with the price of a product, process design work and shape better than the vast majority with the price of the product, and said what? On words, highly recommended!
After completion of the evaluation, I want to have a new version of the impulse to buy the pro version, no no no, I definitely want to hold back, because I was really jealous of that station MATRIX X-SABRE top decoders, calm and calm …. ..

Price information for reference:
MATRIX Mini-i  $379.00 (exclude remote)
MATRIX Mini-i Pro $505.00
MATRIX X-Sabre $1079.00

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