Review: GUSTARD DAC-x10 ES9018 DSD DAC

Gustard x10

From the photos we can see, Gustard x10 is clearly out of the backyard production. It clearly now is a factory made and design. First from the double power transformer, digital circuitry, analog circuitry separately. It is a good consolidation for  good sound. Coupled with discrete components without the op amp analog output is indeed made ​​a heterogeneous machines. As the sound designer uncompromising pursuit. . . . X10 has a complete USB, optical fiber, coaxial input interface. As a USB decoder, USB audio performance is good or bad is a very important part. Gustard X 10 using the popular XMOS USB Audio solution. In fact, x10 USB port connected computer consolidated,  frequency locked is stable, the sound has never been distorted.


And the sound is quite good, X10 decoder chip used ES9018. This is also a current high-end DAC chip, with high dynamics, minimal distortion, very good signal to noise ratio, and perfect channel separation. And xmos chip combination, the perfect support for computer playback DSD. After run in the machine for a few days and then listening a high specification chip ES9018 and  dual rings power transformer. When listen to Star Wars Soundtrack, x10 rolling bass, if the lightning fast transient performance capability that world air swallowing momentum, thrilling. But x10 can also static like still water. For orchestra performance is a delicate silky smooth. Spotless detail is in place. The vocal performance is an undeclared dye not exaggerated style, note the connotation of tune sound. This is a tri-band equalization DAC. Not trying to highlight a certain point, there is no sound to please the ears of dyed DAC. 

GUSTARD DAC-x10 is selling for US$505 w/ free shipping

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