New Release: Gustard U12 Native 32Bit 384kHz XMOS 0.1ppm Converter


Gustard has just released the new model U12 this week (Sep 2014). It is the upgrade version of the discontinued U10

DAC. There was not much different between the U12 & U10 in term of technical specification. Besides, the new U12 now have LCD display on the font showing the bitrate and rate signal. The unit is slightly bigger than U10 .

However, the U12 is still very good using X-core XMOS chip since support 32bit 500MIPs with 8 cores USB receiver. And the use of the 0.1ppm audio clock making a prefect signal clock to digital interface.



4 thoughts on “New Release: Gustard U12 Native 32Bit 384kHz XMOS 0.1ppm Converter”

  1. Hi,

    This converter is compatible Yosemite OSX 10.10 ?

    You confirme : it’s not a DAC ?

    Only USB digital to Coax digital.


  2. Hi hi! it´s me again! … I think it was not quite explicit in my request for help. I got the GUSTARD U12 a Mac Mini and a Analog Hi-Fi sistema… SEA/NAD. I am using my Mac as sound machine… but I do not know how to connet my GUSTARD U12 to the analog sistme… can somebody help!!

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