Review: Yulong DA8 DAC Headphone Amp (1)

Yulong DA8
Yulong DA8

After using Yulong Da8 for some time, from the beginning of surprises, and now gradually cool, calm can finally talk about the latest works of this flagship model of Yulong.

Yulong as a audio brand, is almost one of the earliest Chinese brands, there is a notable feature that places great emphasis on test data of the machine. Therefore, Yulong each product, can be found in open, rigorous testing data from the D100, the A100 … until the D18, and now the latest Da8. Da8, this is a very scary test data decoding: Distortion 0.0002%, supports direct DSD decoding, USB support not only PCM384k, DSD also supports almost all formats. And, after that there are a lot of features, such as before the class, such as the amp, such as five kinds of filter mode, positive and negative phase adjustable, so you can choose Jitter filter switch, light enough to read again the mighty. If you are not familiar with the person may feel Yulong manufacturers brag, but people familiar with YuLong will know, YuLong was born to do the communication, the test is very rigorous, almost to the extent of demanding, relevant test see manufacturers introduction, I am not going to repeat:

Before Da8, YuLong decoding flagship is D18. ESS9018 this decoder can be described using a mixed, like people feel good, not like people who have criticized the quality did not charm. To my ears, D18 is indeed some slim, tone partial slip a little. And these, in the Da8 been a huge improvement.
Da8 appearance of the work

For black Da8, like its main introverted, and can be with my black D100pro, HA800 consisting of a black domestic flagship turntable decoder amp Three Musketeers. Actual Da8 get our hands on, the volume control is very good, with perfectly describe only the shell drawing, fine, first-class feel. Aluminum chassis is actually not heavy (compared to HA800, really not heavy), but it is very solid and confident. Da8 chassis is actually very thick front panel switch, headphone jack, display, function buttons packed a knob, rational layout, but also beautiful enough. The back of the fuselage is the power, voltage selection, digital and analog outputs to the input area, or reasonable layout. Power button feels good, but with no lights similar HA800 (Da8 not need lights, turn the screen lit), headphone jack is worth saying, Nepal resistance is very good, very stable after the insert. If you do not back the wrong horse should all connectors Neutrik products. Da8 the materials has not doubt.

DA8 has a LED display and the resolution is good enough. The display color theme using dark blue background with white, green and yellow font.
DA8 has a LED display and the resolution is good enough. The display color theme using dark blue background with white, green and yellow font.


DA8 using isolation feet similar to Weiss, aluminum casing with silicon to absorb the vibration.

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