Yulong D200 32bit 384kHz DSD Headphone Amp DAC

Yulong D200 font

Yulong Audio has released Yulong D200 headphone amp DAC at beginning of this year. It is a entry level Class A Headphone Amp/ DAC using ES9016 chipset. The high performance chipset support 32bit 384kHz DSD DXD streaming.

The Yulong D200 DAC Headphone Amp was being compared with the Yulong flagship audio product Sabre DA8. Of course the DA8 & D200 using different chipset , ES9018 & ES9016 respectively which make a different in term of the sound quality as well as the price. The Yulong D200 is about half price of DA8 but sure it worth more than half of the quality provided by its price.

Sure, at the end, it’s a personal favorite for which you choose as a preference of sounds as well as your system setup.

Yulong D200 Inside
Yulong D200 Board

Yulong D200 now available on Kidult Online with 10% discount offer, $629.10.

Customer Review available here.

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