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Yulong SABRE DA8 DSD 32bit 384kHz DAC Amplifier

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The Yulong DA8 DAC headphone amp is a signature and flagship of the Yulong Audio. Yulong Sabre DA8 has delight sound and fucntions and highly recommended in various hifi forum. The DA8 also have a very high cost efficiency ration compare to its price and functions provided.
Yulong  SABRE DA8 DAC encoder support up to 32bit 384kHz and compatible with DSD format. Yulong has years of experience for the ESS9018 circuit design, they put this circiut into the DA8 DAC chipset, AD797*5 for voltage reference. You will also impress but the performance and sounds of this DAC and having large dynamic, delicate details. DA8 support DSD & PCM formats up to 32bit 384kHz under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

THD+N less than 0.0003%, dynamic > 130dB, Idle noise 1.5uV
USB supports 32bit, 384KHz PCM signal
DSD native support
5 different filter mode
Invertible phase
Jitter eliminator switch
Filter, phase, jitter control switch. Different style of sound under different combination
High precision bandwidth-auto-set DPLL
80 steps volume control
Single/Balanced pre-amplifier output
Balanced pre-amplifier output with driver, can be used as balanced headphone amplifier
Work as pure DAC when headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier circuit turned off
Class A single end headphone amplifier
TFT LED display. Easy operate. 80% dim after 5 seconds
Auto-save configuration
Thickened aluminum case. Aluminum button, volume knob and feet
100v-240v global voltage range
Yulong has many years of experience in ESS9018 design. By using audio analyzer and spectrum analyzer for signal integrity, electromagnetic compatibility and audio performance tests, in combination of newly designed controlling software, Yulong developed flexible operating, fully functional high performance DAC - SABRE DA8.

The main focus is on adjusting timbre of SABRE DA8. The process of tuning was completed by Yulong’s acoustic team (Based on few experienced audiophiles). The DA8 not only provide large dynamic, but also delicate details. The mid-low is full and majestic, whereas the mid-high is soft and delicate. Overall, its natural and balanced sound is suitable for various style of music.
DA8 includes ESS9018 as DAC chip, AD797*5 for voltage reference and low pass filter. OPA1632*2 for buffer and preamplifier output. Headphone amplifier is base on diamond buffer circuit. ON audio transistor pair output. Also DA8 includes short circuit protection. The Canadian Plitron high quality transformer, LT1129/LT3021 and WIMA capacitor provide pure power supply for ESS9018. For analog circuit power supply, Panasonic FC, VISHAY BC046, WIMA MKS2, NPO capacitors were selected to provide outstanding performance and natural listening experience.
USB input uses customized Combo384 chip which co-designed by Italian Amanero and Yulong. It supports DSD and PCM for formats up to  32Bit/384KHz under Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
All functions are controlled by software operating system. 2.4 inch color LED display shows the status. Dimming is enabled after 5 seconds with no operation. The unit automatic saves user settings. User friendly interface provides control for 5 different filter mode and inverse phase to produce different styles. 80 steps volume adjustment for pre amplifier output to connect to powered speakers. Under pure DAC mode direct connect to power amplifier provides even better quality sounds. It bypasses the volume control circuit and turns off the power supply to headphone amplifier to work as a pure DAC.
Multi-stage digital buffer and shaping circuit can optimize the quality of digital signal. Low phase-noise high-precision crystal oscillator as master clock, bandwidth-auto-set DPLL,switchable jitter eliminator are used to lock and optimized bad signal before decoding. Signals of high quality can be by-passed to obtain better performance.
Stretch forming aluminum case, thicken material, small size design (250*180*60mm) detailed surface processing. (Size matches Yulong SABRED series products, e.g. SABRE A18 headphone amplifier and SABRE A10 amplifier).
Refined aluminum volume knob, push button and shock absorber feet give smoother feel.

Technical  Specifications :
USB Input format support: PCM 16-32bit 44.1Khz 48Khz 88.2Khz 96Khz 176.4Khz 192Khz 352.8Khz 384Khz DSD64,DSD128 - On Windows DSD256,DSD512
Operating system support Mac OSX  Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel.
KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO Drivers for MS OS XP to Win8 32-64bit
Inputs: Optical, Coaxial, AES/EBU:16-24Bit,44.1-192KHZ
SNR: -135dB.
Dynamic Range: >130dB.
THD+N: 0.0002%
Frequency Response: 20-30KHz-0.2dB
Crosstalk -135dB
balancedOutput level:4.2V

  • Headphone amplifier output power: 600Ω:70mw    300Ω:150mw  150Ω:280mw  32Ω:1W     
    Power consumption: <30W.
    size: 250x180x60mm.
    weight: 2.5Kg


Packaging Includes:
User manual
Power Cable
USB Cable

  • Shipping Weight: 2.5kg
  • Manufactured by: Yulong

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